Animal Poems The Collection

Spiritual Animal Poems A collection of spiritual animal poems elephant, monkey, whale pangolin, cat and more. Highlighting the abuse of animals, a way to send love through thought. Saving The Pangolin Poem One of the most hunted animals on the planet, the pangolin is killed eaten

Poem Now Is Your Future Create It

Spiritual Poem Now Is Your Future Stop imagining the future start creating it, the future is now, are you ready? May the power of the sun itself be our bestowed totem, May life itself deliver all there is. Love our goddess, Mother Earth, She resides in our

Poem About The Fey Folk

Aes Sidh is the Celtic word for faery Meaning “The people of peace” The veil between the humans and the faeries, is only one of perception and focus. The fey folk “the little people” supernatural creatures, with magik in their hearts and enchantment in their hands.

Raven Bonsai Poem

Feasting on soft figs Nesting high and safe, my waste in flight gives life to another light. Raven Bonsai Poem Seed of fig, encased in Ravens soil, falls not to toil Sharp, rigid strong mountains reaching the sky, catch the seed without a cry. Given a