Hematite Spiritual Meaning

Hematite crystal meaning
Hematite crystal meaning

What Is Hematite Crystal?

Hematite meanings and mysteries. What is hematite? Hematite is an ore of iron a pigment mineral coming in colours from silver-grey to reddish-brown. The shape of hematite is a trigonal crystal formation.

From the hexagonal crystal family. Hematite the metamorphic rock has soft pulsating magnetic fields pointing in all different directions called a paramagnet (attracted to magnetic energy fields). When heated hematite strengthens and charges its magnetic fields.

Hematite For Healing: Miraculous hematite works its magic by balancing our blood to oxygen rates and levels (chi) generating high-performance life force energy. If sick with high or low blood pressure and or sugar levels, hematite crystal throws out its magnetic pulse towards your body opening your chakras.

Transforming worn-out cells through blood circulation of small electrical magnetic pulses. Placed in the warm hands of a shaman hematite reacts as if it’s found its long-lost brother. Connecting instantly with a shamans or psychics energy field and intent of magic (more on that later).

Hematite crystal is also used as a calming tonic for those suffering from, headaches migraines stress and anxiety. A hematite crystal placed on both sides of the neck for 10 minutes or so will relieve head pressure.

Slow down negative thoughts and heal the above-mentioned by relaxing the nervous system. Finding yourself with these symptoms is also a sign that you need to slow down a little your health is at risk. Follow up and continue the healing, use your hematite to perform regular meditation.

Hematite Spiritual Meaning

Hematite crystal brings balance to our physical being our mental being and our spiritual being. Centring our astral body comfortably inside the physical body by opening and realigning all major chakras.

More attention is focused on the base or root chakra by the hematite crystal creating a natural magical law. “Open the root chakra the other 6 awaken alerting the serpent and creating kundalini with all seven chakras open”.

Carrying hematite-tumbled stones in your pocket during the day strengthens the connection to you personally, do not allow others to touch these particular stones. Why?

Hematite is tuned to you and your vibrations not only is it dangerous but others can read your psychic footprint and know everything about you. Hematite will start to change its vibration according to the one who holds it, so when you get it back it has a mix of vibrations, not just yours.

Hematite Healing Properties

Hematite leads us to earth attunement connects us with the cosmic flow of the universe, slows us down and allows us to create magic. Hematite is a natural human aura power booster amplifying our life force energy raises our consciousness and gives us the edge we need to create the unbelievable.

The magnetic hexagonal flow of hematite crystal creates oxygen in the blood resulting in higher chi-life force energy. Which we may use where needed, if we are not ill, hematite will not become the healer it will become the creator of the positive Awen the energy to power on and through. Enhancing human ability and mind power.

Carrying hematite into a courtroom will create good energy in your favour. Hematite is used in many witchcraft spells as the power of hematite times itself by 10 in the right hands and manifestations aplenty keep on coming.

Hematite Magickal Uses

Hematite crystal a shamans protective amulet. During astral travels in the night, the shaman would transform his astral body into a bat or animal of choice, flying off to learn secrets about others to protect his tribe or journeying with the sky gods to learn the secrets of the universe. Using a hematite crystal to ground vibratory information coming into the body and translating it into the mind causes heightened consciousness.

Hematite also aids as the protector of the body for the shaman, helping to magnify the signal sent to the astral body when the physical body is disturbed or in danger. Placing a hematite crystal on your third eye will greatly enhance trance meditation and visualisations.

The new moon is the most appropriate time to recharge and release the powers within you and the hematite crystal for manifestation. © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott.

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