Medieval Oracle Card Reading

Medieval Oracle reading free online
Medieval Oracle reading free online

Medieval Oracle Card Reading

A medieval oracle, ask your question shuffle the cards and click or tap the flip button to reveal your oracle card. Align the card number with the Oracle card meaning listed below. The word Pica is medieval Latin.

Think of your question and ask it silently to the cards, three times before hitting the flip card. In general, what energy is around me? blank the mind and think of nothing. 

To ask what outside influences including people may affect me, take my conscious mind away from the self before hitting the flip card. To ask a question for someone else hold a picture of them in your mind. Focus on their face and bring them close. Hold for a few seconds before hitting the flip card. Be sure to hit the shuffle button in between each question.

medieval oracle
medieval oracle


Medieval Oracle Card Meanings

1. Archer. A time to focus on your goals. Be sure of what you’re wanting to attain or acquire. Be relentless in your pursuit. Take charge of the self and act. Once you have set your sights on a target, don’t hold the arrow in the bow for too long. Tiredness will avail before you are able to fire.

2. The alchemist, the sun over the ancient ruins is blessing your face with warmth. Take a little time to enjoy the here and now. The moment you’re in. Climb the tower so you may find perspective on what you see around you. Greatness is brewing.

3. Sword and shield. Self-protection is a state of mind. Once you decide what to and what not to have around you. You’ll find self-preservation and intuition captain your actions without thinking. This a caution to look deeper into ways you can provide for your future self.

4. Nobles. (Noblesse oblige) Be aware of a rainy day with your time and your wealth. But at the same time be generous to those around you. A noble stature is found by honouring the spiritual-moral being. Take caution in your dealings with your fellow man be sure they are noble.

5. Exploration. Now you know where you’d like to go in life. A map may be drawn to steer your path. Join the dots of your past and present experiences to lead you to a new fresh future. One in which all obstacles have already been fought and won.

6. The great Helm. Allow the mind to drift into the imagination. Be careful not to have a closed mind or opinions for that matter, as there may be something you’re not taking into account. Through protecting ourselves we sometimes blind ourselves to other opportunities in our prereferral vision.

7. Craftsman. Indulge in the passion which drives your energy in life. Put the wheels into motion on a business project you’ve been conjuring. The right time to start is when you’re ready. Bending the outside influences to your favour.

8. Candlelight. Secrets are there to be found. Through curiosity and a love for adventure new partnerships are found. This magic candle brings energy to one’s love life. A celebration of togetherness and creature comfort. A content warm loving embrace.

9. Catapult. A turning point, a crossroads, and decision time. Now is not the time to move comfortably slow. This time in your life asks you to make that decision that has been so difficult to reach a conclusion. This will catapult you into new exciting surroundings.

10. Sword. Hold the sword tight and with conviction as if you’re going to use it. Feel the power in the blade to cut through all emotions. Revealing answers to your past hurts. And healing them in the process. A time to heal.

11. Axe and Mase. If we allow ourselves to stay angry for too long we also become miserable. And unable to love or be loved. Eventually succumbing to ill health and possible death. Calm any rage which may live inside of you, otherwise, it will devour you like the serpent.

12. Knight. Wear your amour it shows your greatness. Be proud of who you are and are about to become. Take honours, you’ve reached a milestone. Through courage and commitment, success is yours for the taking. Embarking on a journey that becomes your future.

13. No name. Ready the horses, shine your boots and pack the donkey. Leaving the castle walls as night falls. Collecting the herbs and plants for the witch doctor to perform his magic. Concentrate on your health of mind, body, and spirit.

14. Silver Knight. You are strong enough to handle anything put before you. We all have a hidden warrior inside. Therefore all of us call to conjure forth and use it as a source of strength and inspiration. Seek your inner warrior. All rights reserved © Psychic Medium Ian Scott

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