Birch Tree Spiritual Meaning

Birch Tree Ogham Meaning
Birch Tree Ogham Meaning

Birch Tree Spiritual Meaning

The birch tree is the birth sign for the month of December and January. If you were born between these dates (24th December – January 20th) your birth tree sign is the Birch. The birch tree is a sacred spiritual tree belonging to the Ogham alphabet the letter is Beth.

The birch tree’s spiritual meaning is one of renewal, rejuvenation and new life. A new beginning a fresh approach to how we come to see and know things. Other qualities are fertility, spiritual wealth, protection, and purification.

The grand silver birch has tremendous staying power, one of the most resilient trees on the planet. Able to withstand harsh unfavourable conditions. And magic is it still reaches its fullest potential. Becoming radiantly beautiful and striking an aura of magnificence. This is the lesson birch tree offers. No matter your past you too can rise and grow to overcome and prosper in adversity.

Planet: Venus
Element: Air + Water
Stone: Clear Quartz
Animal: Eagle, Egret, Pheasant.

Birch Tree Symbolism

The silver birch is one of the most revered and sacred trees in Celtic mythology. Associated with the Celtic goddess Brigid. The birch tree is known in folklore as the lady of the forest.

In the times of the Druid, the Birch tree bark and leaves were used to purify a criminal of his wrongdoings. It was also used in exorcism for the possessed, the smoke was passed over the body to expel the phantom.

A broom made of Birch expelled evil spirits as you swept your home. Literally sweeping negative and unwanted ghosts out the door. Often used for may-poles at Beltane representing the world tree linking the underworld with middle earth and heaven above.  © Psychic Medium Ian Scott

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