Oak Tree Ogham Meaning

Oak Ogham Meaning
Oak Ogham Meaning

Astrology: Jupiter / Birth: June 10th – July 7th

Duir the oak tree is the seventh letter in the Ogahm alphabet. In English is the letter D. The Oak king rules the summer months. Duir translates roughly to the “door” the root word of Druid.

Oak Spiritual Meaning

The Oak tree is connected with all things magical. The word Druid translates roughly to the oak knowers. A magical doorway opens in the Oak tree for time travellers to enter. A journey into the other dimensions of time and space.

The energy of oak is masculine a formidable spirit. Considered a strong worthy contender for success. The spiritual meaning behind the oak trees is to stand strong and build solid foundations. One’s that last a lifetime.

Oak Tree Celtic Symbolism

Solid protection, Magical strength, security, truth. A crossing of boundaries between one place and the next. Ability to see the invisible or be invisible. Inner knowledge. Ability to bar or open the way. Endurance, maturity, nobility, goodwill.

Rules over the summer months and this tree were and still are sacred to the Druids. Lessons were taught beneath their spreading branches in sacred groves of Oak trees. The post-glacial Indo-European cultures lived in the era when great oak forests covered most of their territory.

It was used extensively for housing, firewood, and weapons and the bark was used for tanning hides and their clothing, etc… These people were called ‘The People of the Oak’ because of their reverence for this tree and their dependence on it, and consequently, many religious associations developed all around Europe from these times.

Oak Tree Metaphysical Meaning

The powdered oak bark can be used as a snuff to stop nosebleeds. A strong decoction of the oak bark is good to stop chronic diarrhoea. Oak branches, leaves and acorns make an astringent tonic due to their high tannin content. A tea of the Oak tree bark can be used for coughs and as a gargle for sore throats and applied externally to ulcers and bruises. Make a poultice of the root and bark and apply it to swollen joints.

The Oaktree meaning is thought to lead the way to the truth, especially about past layers of action. The roots represent the past, the trunk the present and the branches the future. The roots of the tree grow as deep as the tree grows high, which makes them above all, a symbol of balance.

Balance is always the thing we strive for as followers of the way.  The energy of the Oak restores will and self-determination and gives us courage and endurance to do the necessary work. Oak spirits, dryads, were depicted as wizened old men with a strong humorous presence. The Dagda carried an oak club and a harp of oak to call the four seasons.  He is associated with the element of earth.

Place an acorn in your pocket when you go for that all-important interview or meeting.  It will bring you good luck.  If you are quick enough to catch a falling oak leaf before it hits the ground, you will have good luck as well as good health.

The dew of the oak tree is said to be a magical beauty aid.  Remember that “Duir” means gate or door – so watch for those unexpected opportunities and take advantage of them. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott

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