Falcon Spiritual Meaning

Falcon Spiritual Meaning
Falcon Spiritual Meaning

There are many species of Falcons including the fastest animal on earth the Peregrin falcon (over 300km an hour) to one of the smallest the Merlin bird or pigeon hawk. Here I talk in general about all Falcons and their metaphysical and spiritual meanings.

Falcon Spiritual Meaning

The spiritual meaning of the Falcon is a balance of mind body and spirit. The Falcon is a symbol of strength virtue heroism and victory a spiritual warrior. With focus and precision, no tech can match, the Falcon sees all.

Not only physically but psychically too. With extreme vision, Falcon sees into the future. And into the hearts of man, choosing only to honour and work with worthy spiritually moral people.

“From a higher perspective, I see the future ahead”

In Egypt, the Falcon symbolises the god Horus the divine falcon. Horus the son of Osiris and the goddess Isis. The lord of prophecy, music, art, and beauty. Horus had complete casting control over the four elements of earth wind fire and water.

The eye of Horus is a symbol of protection and great strength even today. The Celtic falcon meaning is a symbol of nobleness honour and wealth. In Celtic animal totem Astrology, the falcon totem starts on the 25th of November and ends on the 23rd of December.

Element: Fie, Indomitable Spirit
Keywords: Victory, complete control, Honour
Planet: Mars, Jupiter
God: Horus The Lord Of Prophesy

Falcon Animal Totem Medicine

The Falcon totem animal invites you to find balance in your life. To become aware of which parts of your life need work spiritually. Falcon animal totem medicine focuses on self-reflection and spiritual development.

Asking you to be the best possible version of yourself you can be. Vision and clear communication with oneself will ensure a wise path. Falcon animal totem people are trustworthy, protective, honest and hold integrity. Always offering a lending hand the Falcon develops close and personal relationships. Which become strong bonds making affiliates of all who come into contact with him.

Falcon Spirit Animal

Falcon spirit animal helps us see what we cannot. Guiding us on a spiritual awakening of the soul. Often Falcon spirit animal comes to those who are progressing from a young soul to an old mature soul in this lifetime. Falcon offers knowledge and protection on your journey. A great and worthy spiritual teacher is the Falcon animal spirit guide.

If you dream of a Falcon it augers a time of gratitude and remembrance. Look around you and point out all the things in your life you’re grateful for. And remember those loved ones involved. Fill yourself with compassion and confidence. Now seek out your passions. Falcon is a true personal power animal if you see him he can surely see you.

Spiritual Meaning Behind Seeing A Falcon

The spiritual significance of seeing a falcon is one of spiritual growth and challenges. Falcon asks you to pursue your dreams and make what you’re wanting to come true. Focus on the creativity of what is inspiring you to succeed in a new business venture or personal project. With a unique vision at hand now is the time to put thoughts into action.  © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott. 

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