Love Poems The Soul Mate Collection

Love Poems Collection
Love Poems Collection

Soul Mates Poem

Love Poem soul mates I sense your presence from a distance, a ghost-like
feeling that you’re here. A love unbound a rare double fire a twin flame.

I’ve just awoken and my first thoughts are of you,
how did this happen and has it happened to you?

At the end of the day, my last thoughts are of you,
not sure where I’ve gone, somewhere looking for you.

One day I’m fine, getting on with life and avoiding strife,
the next day I’m confused and lost because I’m not with you.

When your present, time drifts away, and when you have to go, I
start to miss you, even though no time has passed.

How did this happen and has it happened to you,
suddenly my world is filled with you.

My life has stopped and started all in one moment,
the moment I met you.

Ticking and flickering I felt then, is now only stronger,
the more I get to know you, the further I fall.

There is a memory of us, buried deep inside of me,
from ages and lives have gone past.
A spiritual connection, a soul mate reflection.

I sense your presence from a distance, a ghost
like feeling that you’re here.
A love unbound a rare double fire,
proclaims itself to be found.

When I close my eyes all I see is you,
how did this happen and has it happened to you?
This is no ordinary love,
it started long ago from up above.  © Ian Scott

Twin Flames Poetry

Twin Flames, is a spiritual poem. You are not alone in this world I’m right here
with you never far always near Together, we can walk this journey…

You are not alone in this world
I’m right here with you
never far, always near.

Together we can walk this journey
in the comfort of each other

Your lessons are me
and my lessons are you
On the same telepathic consciousness
stream we ride as one

Each a paddle working to move us
forward in the river of life
known you before, know you now
The love is strong and balanced like a tree

When twin flames reunite
It is a Phoenix of spiritual flight
Two flames become a fire
A fire that burns through
the darkest knight

You are not alone in this world
I’m right here with you
Remember, we said, meet you on Earth
See you in the music – © Ian Scott

That Living Love

If you spend time with me I’m going to love you
If you care for me I’m going to love you
If it is genuine that love can be forever

Beyond what the eyes can see, I’ll feel it in my heart
Beyond what the ears can hear, I will listen to the silence of my mind
I had a knowing I could find, that love so deep and kind

Everyone needs to know there’s that someone
that is always willing to talk, always ready to listen
That special one, that one that gives unconditional love

Have you told that special someone you love them
Do not hesitate, do not doubt your heart
tell them you love them today.

© Psychic Medium Ian Scott 

Lighthouse My Heart

Not to be seen as the tower falling from power
For the lighthouse is never in darkness from day to night

No matter how far we astray
the memories and history we share
will always be there

Searching through the rain
Hovering the horizons
I see you just as I always have

You see me
Grounded and willing
Guiding the way home

Both a lighthouse
illuminating each other’s hearts
Beaming blissfully

As the waves roll in touching my sides
So do your thoughts on sweet companionship
A friend which is never lost nor blinded by frost

Ever so burning brightly
My love, our love is bound tightly
In the infinite round light – © Ian Scott

You’re Beautiful
“Turn On The Light”

I am the light and I look for you, it’s OK to seek something new.
Don’t let things get you down, find a way to move beyond the frown.

You’re beautiful, and for some yet unknown shadowed reasons, you fail to see that yourself.
Amongst this crazy world with all its greed, hatred, and dishonesty, is someone who is beautiful, honest, and loving.

Somehow having lived with evil for so long, I think you may have thought the only way is their way, lie,
cheat and be fraudulent, the way we have all been accustomed to, the darkness we call home.

In your heart you know this is not the way, knowing this is not true, hence the struggle to think and feel for yourself.
This is scary, it is new for you. I know you’re beautiful if you reside in the light, where everything is alright your fire will re-alight.

In the mysterious folds of your mind, I think you have come a little used to the walls you have built around you, nowhere else seems safe.
You’re beautiful, but when I knock at that door, you never feel you’re beautiful, so you don’t answer.

When reaching out to you, makes you move further away. My only hope is that someday you too will know you are beautiful.
I am the light and I look for you, it’s ok to seek something new. © Psychic medium Ian Scott

 Love Fires Burning

Keep The Love Fire Burning

I hand the torch over to you
I’m not giving up, but I am exhausted.
From where I stand I still see our light,
but I am exhausted.

I cannot carry the torch
I’ve tried so hard
I climbed that mountain
I carried the weight

I hold the torch
There comes a time
when loyalty becomes a misfortune.
When never giving up becomes,
an anchor we can no longer carry.

I hand the torch over to you
I’m not giving up
To keep us alive it becomes
your turn to carry the torch.

I’ve done all I can
I’ve prayed till my lips are sore
Shown you, unconditional love,
reached out to you, I’ve tried oh so hard.

I’m not giving up, but I hand the torch over to you.
For when I see you coming through that dark tunnel,
with our torch oh so bright, I will know when we can make it to the fire.
The fire that burns between us.

I’m not walking away, nor am I giving up, but I am exhausted.
So, I let go now, hoping you’ll pick up the torch. – © Ian Scott

Valentine’s Day Poem

Just a look is all it took
It may have been a glance
but I caught all its romance

Just like water in the desert
love is rare, hard to find
similar to the silence of the mind

Treated as a treasure
there is no other, from
which to measure

Finding bliss and solitude
in amongst your kiss
we reminisce

In a world that’s lost
I do feel found
when your around

No moments are bad
or too sad
when you’re next to me

Even the words in this poem
cannot define the love
that never roams

The flowers I sent
didn’t seem quite the dove
to convey the feelings of my love

The warmth of your body so close to me,
there is no winter, it is always fine
will you be mine? – © Ian Scott

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