Animal Poems The Collection

Animal Poems The Collection
A collection of animal poetry

Saving The Pangolin Poem

One of the most hunted animals on the planet, the pangolin is killed eaten and used in so-called medicine. Medicine is in the animal’s spirit not in its body, to eat or kill such a beautiful animal only marks a sign of immaturity and sickness not to mention evil hatred. The pangolin is on the brink of extinction we simply cannot let this happen.

To The People Who Use Animals As Medicine

Animals used for Asian medicines number in the thousands, I cannot think of anything else that will kill you quicker than to use these so-called medicines. The spirit of the animal becomes negative if used this way, tuning into an animal’s spirit and asking for their help spiritually, physically and emotionally is the way you use animals as medicine. The karma attached to such barbaric and cruel practices is huge and something that should be thought about before you make the damnedest decision of your life.

Seeking refuge here long ago
I’m too from another world
I’ve learned to live here under stress and duress

I thank the many who strive to help
Coming here making earth our home
was not a decision taken lightly

I’m Pangolin my home from many moons ago
is no longer, here I’m with you
Sharing my love and peace of character

There is wisdom in my walk
some may see it, some may not
When I walk, I share a story of a thousand lifetimes

Please just sit with me
I will talk my walk
Sharing the cosmos’ secrets with you

I’m Pangolin medicine
wisdom from another land
And I hear you call my name

I bring peace, love, affection, and healing
Watch me walk you’ll see
the magic that lives inside of me

When you’re ready to talk
not hunt or kill
My walk will be over to greet you.

© as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott. 

Animals Poems Warrior Cat

” Look she’s sleeping again ”
A cat’s wisdom is not to tell
A cat has a belief we will see things,
clearly in the end.

So a special treat
a cat’s thoughts on sleep

” I’m not sleeping at all ”
I’m in relaxation,
Some may say a state of meditation

I have places to go
other cat’s to see,
and children to protect,
I do this best when you think I’m asleep

With my eyes closed
I’m in another dimension,
not too far from yours,
just a little left in the subsection

So you see I’m not sleeping
I’m looking after you,
protecting, exploring together
knowing forever

The astral world
is where I do my work,
and for that, I have to be asleep

I’m your warrior cat
with a friend named bat
together we protect you,
when night falls

© by psychic medium Ian Scott 

Animals Voice A Dying Breed

We seem to be losing an exquisite system,
an endless list almost nonexistent.
The animal kingdom, the epoch of nature,
the very essence of life on earth.

The resistance growing weary
a resilience all but drained of spirit.
On the verge of extinction, our brothers and sisters lay,
voiceless we cannot say.
The cry we hear has been only for ourselves,
too selfish to notice anything else.

The seas and bodies of water echo with sadness,
the whales, sharks, dolphins, fish, and microorganisms,
the deeply hidden creatures of old sing out,
ringing a final warning bell.

The forests, bushlands, and the plains mutter prayers
with a hollowing growl, the jungles shuffling and rumbling
with there hearts out begging for our recklessness to end.

The lions, tigers, wolves and bears, gnarl in pain,
and the critters, the monkeys and apes slew without care.
The very wildlife we proclaim to protect
lays bare at our doorstep whispering to the gods.
The sky once strewn in colour is motionless
and bears the songs of life filtered in the air.

The birds, bugs, bees, butterflies
and winged brethren losing breath, suffocating in despair
Singing only to the few left with enough soul to hear
the painful tune of a dying breed.

Greed leaving barren the once abundant polar caps,
deserted and abandoned in warming lairs.
The penguins and seals, fish and polar bears
wearing thin losing skin, and what do we think?

Without these creatures, we cease to exist
our spirits disconnect from the very core of our being.
It’s a must we love all our nature
to choose one life over another would go against my nature.

To hold one more valuable than another
hurts my soul and I stand here today to ask,
we reach out for all as one or watch it all fall as none.
Is one more worthy than the other?

I take this time and place as my chance
to speak for the voiceless the dulled outcries
the silence with selfish lies even the trees and plants
emanate a pulse in colour now drenched in blood.

I hear their whispers and my heart bleeds
there its a shame to know of this pain
of the slain, innocence killed in vain.

So I came up with a notion of a token of love
for all that is sacred to rid us of this hatred
we must take it as a call for help we must stand up.

United for all not just ourselves or continue to sit on the shelf
while our empty beliefs systematically fail at the hands of self.
Join me in this fight for what is right, a plight for our feathered,
furry, scaly, water-bound, and winged souls left alone in strife.

We can save our brothers and sisters
if we are willing to put ourselves outta sight just for a moment in time.
Please heed my plea and let’s do what’s needed.

Cat Poem Temple Cat

Cat Poem Temple Cat Silent and wise lurking from the shadows not
in surprise, the goddess of music and dance is affectionate to a trance.

Scouting away from the glaring
hunting, Playing, chasing faeries
talking to ghosts
not ordinary to most

Leaping in a triple spin
metamorphosis a jungle cat
a magical shapeshifter
midnight drifter

Sweetness for the senses Bastet
daughter of Isis and Osiris, triplet
acute awareness
spiritual cleansing

Loyal, unconditionally loving
goddess of music and dance
affectionate to a trance
gracious in their romance

Silent and wise
lurking from the shadows
not in surprise
just here with you

Astral Travel
is how I unravel
the mysteries I channel

A secret language
I relay
communicating through
and beyond the veil

Protecting chasing snakes
keeping the home safe
methodically seeing
intimately breathing in
the kinship we have found.

Whale Poem Awakening

Animal Poems about whales
Whale Poem

Whale poem Ancient Lands underwater there found. Past, present and future
The whale’s eye has the reflection of the introspection of the changing interjection.

Mother of the silica seas
omnipresent of the divine
sacred please keep in mind
communications with the ones
you cannot find.

Blissfully wondering by
moving only in peace
vibrating the planet
mediation a sleep

Working with and
catching the breath of Neptune
moon caresses
sun awakens

Playfully jesting
Bonding, holding
sharing the message of love
silent compassion from above

Ancient Lands
underwater there found
the cruising ground
majestically all around

Connecting with the lights in the sky
passing energy through the waters
reaching the earth, sending their gift
Ascension, the quickening

Past, present and future
whales eye has the
reflection the introspection
changing interjection

Humongous metaphors of love and peace
is all migaloo shows us to keep? – © Ian Scott

Animal Poems Grand Elephant

Animal Poems about elephants
Elephant Poem

I am large, I am Grand but I do not stand over you
Earth is my backyard and I walk the promenade
I do dance and sing with tricks aplenty
But none of these is for your comedic fix
I am astonishingly strong but I am gentle
I unconditionally love and protect and I do not forget

I am the ancient Elephant
Proud Yes!
Courageous Yes!
Unafraid No!

I have seen it all before
Rivers of blood
Men’s hatred and war
Using me to feed the poor

I am Royal Elephant
Not to be made trinkets for the rich
Or to leave me stuck in some ditch
But you do need to treasure me
For the Earth feels my footsteps

There is her heartbeat we live together as one we make the rain come
I am The Grand Elephant and I teach preservation and unity. #savetheelephants © Ian Scott

Animal Poems Lord Monkey

Animal Poems about monkeys
Monkey Poem

Lord Monkey falls from heaven to open the heart of man
The mighty and magic monkey rides the clouds and draws the crowds

The all-enticing magic monkey
Master of intrigue
Illusionist extraordinaire
No one else can match his flair

A shape-shifter of majestic even gigantic proportions
a conjurer of the juju, saviour of the little people
He is King Monkey’s master of illusion,
the safe keeper of the message

Protector of Earth, a traveller between the worlds
he carries heaven in his soul
The high Lord Monkey is omnipresent,
strong spiritual essence overwhelming light

He is Magic Monkey,
whisper for him he just might hear you
© Ian Scott psychic medium

Animal Poems Wolf Within

Animal Poems about wolves
Wolf Poem

The wolf, warrior of unseen mysteries,
gatekeeper to realms unknown,
pathfinder of souls.

Strong enough to stand alone yet wise enough to understand
that in order to thrive family must survive.
In the strength of the pack lies the heart of a lone wolf
and in the heart of a lone wolf lies the strength of its pack,
grounded by the sun and guided by the moon, this spirit
comes to life from dusk till dawn.

Conquering the demons of the night just to clear away,
for the children of the light, leading the way, not without a fright
but more so with the courage of a higher source.

Protected by its ancestors with faith in its descendants,
loyal disciples walk in silence alongside the chosen,
none for the only side by side,
equal in mind will the spiritual power grow and be known.

Even in agony they move on, move forward,
move toward the doors closed to others,
opened by the sheer will of the gods.

These misunderstood guardians were sent into Eden’s garden
to carry the hidden burdens of millennia passed,
cast aside as wild animals yet kept alive,
thriving deep in the forests with untamed spirits, never in hiding
yet never entering the human world unless provoked to do so.

Heeding the cries of the children at night,
lighting the path for lost souls,
strolling from realm to realm in search of answers
bought on by questions of the elders.

Soldiers of instinct, piercing thought cut through the darkness
with a fierceness unmatched, determined to find a way,
un-blinded by danger fighting with perseverance focused on deeper sight.

Covered in scars and filled with a knowledge of the stars,
conversing with mother moon, a ritual forgotten by man.
Peering up to the universe at hand learning from the sentient beings on land,
weary on their travels but never losing grip,
a strong foothold on all that remains in their tired souls,
healers of the shadows whilst leaning into the face of death.

With an intellect unbound and insight now unfound
these creatures of the ground are slowly making
their way to the sound of the drumbeat, the calling,
the final warning from the heavens to make their last attempt
to save the lives of the man and the seeds left to grow in sand.

We must howl with the wolf to gain inner strength
let the cries reach the skies and be amplified
heard above the trumpet of the dead,
to search deep inside ourselves till we find
the wolf dwelling in the caves of our souls.

Unleash the power of the pack long hidden in the forest of our
turmoil and lets it is known that we too are guardians
that we too fight alongside our brothers and sisters and us too untamed
at heart have a path we are willing to stand up for
with family ties tightly bound can survive.

For we are the sons and daughters of gods and it’s time to overthrow
the thrones built by the kings and queens of mortal men..  © Sentient Metaphysics

Sentient Metaphysics