Owl Spiritual Meaning

Owl Animal Totem
Owl Animal Totem

Owl totem, Psychic Energy, Independence, Wisdom, Third Eye, Spirituality, Protection, Intuition, Supernatural Power, Connection with Nighttime and the Moon, Mystery, Magic, Secrets, Intelligence, Transition, Telepathy, Afterlife, Psychometry.

The Shadow Masters
Darkness is no obstacle
as I have enough light inside
to see through the illusion. Ian Scott

Owl Spiritual Meaning

Spiritual Owl ( Night Eagle ) has the ability to protect us psychically and physically, by warding off demon spirits. Owl’s x-ray vision eyes allow him to see in and through the darkness, and beyond the veil, into the world of spirit.

Shamans ask for and shape-shift into Owl for his guidance and channel to speak to the dead. Warning, though just like people the owls come in many different shades, a dark magician.

For instance, may only work with a dark owl, and a white magician only with an owl of light. The owl spirit acts as a messenger for the well-versed shaman to make the connection between the worlds of the living and the dead.

The original Bavarian Illuminati symbol is one of the all-seeing Owl, but do not take this as the energy of the Owl, the evil energy is behind the people that have utilized the Owl symbol for themselves. Yes, it is a choice, we can be the wise one of light or the dirty deeded servant of Satan. And owls have been known to work with both.

Owl Totem Animal / Spirit Guide Meaning

Having a magical Owl as your totem animal or spirit animal guide, allows one to see what others cannot. There will barely be a secret that escapes Owl people. Owl Totem also offers the welfare of being able to see through illusion and deceit.

Owl spirit people make great teachers, psychics, and artists of all kinds. Owl spirit people often experience prophetic dreams and astral travel. They are sensitive, supportive and nurturing and are always willing to lend a hand. They are good listeners with an enthusiastic approach to life and the magic it holds. An Owl cannot be hypnotized for he has superior awareness.

Mythology from around the world

The Celts believed that if an Owl flies into the window of your house while you are nursing an ill person, it signifies an ill omen of death. Greek mythology has Athena the Goddess of wisdom, war, and learning depicted by the Owl.

Medieval times in Europe folklore tell of Owl being Druid priestesses, (Witches) and Wizards in disguise. Even today Owls are associated with the Witch or Wizard, considered their familiar, with a formidable telepathic bond between the two sorcerers.

The Pueblo Indian people associate death with the symbol of the Owl and believe if a dark magician finds an owl feather, it may be used for dangerous baleful purposes. Other Native American tribes believed that if they wore the feathers of an owl, it would protect them against malevolent spirits.

The Japanese people hold the Owl as a symbol of luck and good fortune, I believe this has a lot to do with the Japanese word for Owl which is Fukurou ( 梟 ) breaking this word down, Fuku means luck, Fu means No and Kurou means hardship and suffering, put it all together and we have Owl protects against hardship and suffering by bringing about good fortune. In Japan, the Owl is extremely popular with a variety of trinkets and ornaments.

What Does It Mean When You See An Owl

Seeing Owl during the day and having direct eye contact with Owl, ensures Owl is inviting you to talk with him. In Silence your thoughts turn to wisdom act upon your inspirations and aspirations is the owl’s message here.

Meaning Of Finding An Owl Feather

The significance of finding an owl feather symbolizes Owl totem is wishing to work with you on matters of spiritual growth and healing. Tie a thin gold ribbon around the end of the owl feather and hang it near your bed. This will invite owls to your dreams for lessons on natural magic.

Hearing An Owl At night Meaning

Hearing an Owl at night frequently is an owl’s way of calling you to the astral world. Having an attraction a passion and sensing a connection with Owl is your own intuition process of calling an owl into your world.

Meaning Of Owl Outside Your House

The owl may come to visit you at your house this augers owl wishes you to pay some attention to his magic. Owls’ way of showing up in your life and reminding you to familiarise yourself with his wisdom. Certain situations around require you to be alert wise and on the lookout for phony people or contracts. © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott. 

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