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11 Master Number Meaning

11 master number meaning, numerology, and spiritual influences.
And its mystical signs and magic symbolism. An enchanted number with mysteries abound.

11 master number meaning
11 Master Number

11 Master Number Meaning

In the ancient art of Numerology, the number 11 is a Master number. An illuminated one, a Master number is a double-digit number that comes from a single root number. Number 11, 22, and 33 are Master numbers.

When calculating numerology that is reducing numbers down to a single number vibration. 11 is not reduced any further to a single number. It is read separately as its own vibration. Master numbers have an intensity and vibrational potency double that of other numbers.

In 12 hour time, it is the only hour
where every digit is the same (11:11)

11 Spiritual Meaning 

Spiritual truths and inner personal growth surround the number eleven. It is the number of sustained excitement, fresh open roads, and a world of possibilities. A lucky number, of change and movement.

Eleven is the balanced spiritual warrior. The trying angel and good samaritan. With a tremendous amount of charm, wit, and enthusiasm. A regal number with loyalty in its foundations.

It does, however, have a dark side just like all things, and should never be viewed as black and white. Just as the 11 vibration brings wealth it can also be our demise. Our tarot card the tower.

The rule of thumb with the master number 11 is you must always be growing and striving to become a better spiritual person. Because the number 11 brings forth our good or bad karma, depending on which we have an abundance of.

The raven is a close friend of the number 11. Each knowing the other’s magic. Just like the raven the number 11 will lead you on a mystical learning adventure.

Asking the eleven into your vibrational sphere will ignite your psychic energy. Be warned though you will also be asked to look deep into the self. With no inhibitions or denial attached.

Why Do I Keep Seeing The Number 11?

Repeatedly seeing the number 11 is a sign which augers a spiritual commitment to life. To gain the most out of life we have to live it with conviction. And a strong moral compass. Remember what goes around comes around.

With this in place, great spiritual and material rewards are yours to explore. Your life will take on extra meaning giving light to the divine spark within. Copyright Psychic Medium Ian Scott.

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