Arms Of An Angel Music

Arms Of An Angel Meditation Music
Arms Of An Angel Meditation Music

Meditation music “Arms of an Angel” MP3, 15 mins in length. Be comforted relaxed and embraced by love angels as the energy from this music envelopes your sadness and takes your tears away. Helping to ease the burden and suffering of so much hate in the world. Allow this track to transform the soul back to its original spiritual self.

Meditation Music MP3

Finding the angel beauty in all things is an important spiritual lesson, but most of all we need to find love for ourselves. Self-love, without it we can never truly love another. Journey deep inside to find the things you love about yourself. Watch yourself share this love of the self and others.

There is no better place to be than wrapped in the arms of love. The temple we call the soul houses our truest self, to be in touch we need to find peace and love. And then live that love and truth every day in this way we are kept healed and nurtured by the angels themselves.

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Start today leave the older self behind and make way for the new positive spiritual self to enter. Allow compassion for the self and others to lead the journey. Guiding you to heal all wounds starve all negativity and shine a light on that which is positive in your life.

Sealing the gift of angel love around you. Ask yourself what is the most forgiving thing you can do in your life right now. © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott. Watch On Youtube >

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