Invisibility Cloak Meditation

Invisibility Cloak Meditation
Invisibility Cloak Meditation

The old but rested wizard

Invisibility cloak meditation. Being prepared. Find a quiet comfortable space where you will not be disturbed, preferably with ambient lighting. A firm mattress with an appropriate pillow and silk or similar cloth to use as your cloak be sure it covers the entire body.

Soft music in the background is fine, as long as it is not the main focus, the volume must be low enough to drift into the background when you immerse yourself in deep meditation.

Protection Meditation Technique

Reaching a state of meditation. Lay down, drape the cloth over you, point your toes stretch your legs, point your fingers stretch your arms. Relax, squeeze all your facial muscles together, squeeze your eyes shut, relax.

Take a deep breath in, through the nose, fill your lungs, and push out your stomach to allow as much air as possible to come in. Exhale all the air out of your mouth, pull your stomach to rid yourself of that final pocket of air, and do this three times. With each breath in your take, imagine you are breathing in positivity, love, and fresh clean air, each time you breathe out, picture releasing bodily toxins and negativity.

The spiritual journey, protection meditation invisibility cloak visualization. In your mind’s eye, picture yourself getting up walking to the front door of your house and opening it, to find you are in the woods, deep in the heart of the forest.

Curiously you follow the path in front of you, feeling safe and protected. There is a sense of knowing where you are going, without knowing where you are going. The hills to the right are gleaming with sunlight as the night falls, an attraction one of beauty, that leads you towards the mountains.

Approaching the steep cliffs you notice a small dark opening in the distance, marked by tree spirits to what looks like the entrance of a cave. Immediately an intuition calls you to investigate, along the way to the entrance, a cool breeze dances past you, ruffling the leaves of the trees all the way to the entrance. The feeling is one of being followed or lead to the caves by a spirit.

With curious apprehension, you shout “Hello anyone, here” No answer. A few steps in through the cobwebs and escaping bats, you fall over a metal box half-buried in the floor of the cave. The mere thought of wanting the treasure trunk open, sprung the locks like magic, with a frightening little creak, the lid lifted revealing a silk cloak ( your cloth ) and scroll with the title. “To the one who finds the invisibility cloak.”

 Invisibility Cloak Meditation

The locks were enchanted, for them to unlock
augers you are worthy of such magic
to be bestowed upon you.
For the sake of a name, they call me,
the old but rested wizard of days gone by.

I do not live in the physical form anymore,
instead, I dance in the world of spirit.
The gift I leave has a long history and
cannot be destroyed, it must be passed on.

Wearing the robe will make you
invisible to all things negative.
Imagine walking into a room full of people and
only the positive people with good intentions may see you.

It deflects negative experiences
and protects you against psychic attacks.
It allows you to astral travel in peace and love,
attracting only positive spirits.

It is made with white Owl magic,
a feather was given to the wise witch who made the stitch.
Once the robe is worn it acts as a personal amulet
and cannot be worn by anyone else.

This cloak allows inter-dimensional travel
through the use of your astral body.
From the moment you enter your arms
into the sleeves, the magic begins.

Enjoy the journeys you take in the world of visionary magic
allowing it to help you enter the astral world.

When you awaken. Treat your cloth as the Invisibility cloak, treat them with honour and respect, and when you’re finished fold the cloth and place it in its own box. Use it only for this metaphysical aura protection meditation. Repeating this protection meditation invisibility cloak exercise will strengthen its power and the spiritual magic you emerge into the cloth.  © by psychic medium Ian Scott 

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