Earth Wish Prosperity

Earth Wish Prosperity
Earth Wish Prosperity

Being prosperous, healthy, abundant and wealthy does not necessarily mean money and ownership of material objects. A richness of one’s morals, character and personality will always drive you further than money will. The intent behind the casting of any spell determines its Karmic influence upon the castor.

Prosperity Spell Earth Wish

It is important your prosperity spell only has love and positivity bringing no harm to others. If negativity and deliberate harm are the intent a spell bounces back to the caster. A love for the Earth and its people is needed in the use of this prosperity spell. If done correctly abundance for all. Have a genuine feeling that others will prosper from your thoughts and actions.

Love and Positivity breeds Prosperity

What you will need

1. 3 x one-dollar coins

2. An Apple core

3. Paper & pen to write an Earth wish.


1. In choosing your gold coins the later the year the better.  Money is used to show you have no attachment to it. Being happy to give the Earth back its metal. It is important you do this with no regrets or feelings of loss. Prepare yourself emotionally before starting.

2. Eat the apple, it is very important that you only think happy positive thoughts as you do so. Think of the apple healing you. This is given back to the Earth as nourishment. On the inside of your yard near the front fence and next to the letterbox or as close as you can. Dig a hole approx 20 cm deep and 15 cm in diameter.

3.  Your Prosperity Spell Earth wish may be anything that will aid in the love and healing of its people and the planet itself. Choose your words carefully and write them with an unselfish mind. Fold the paper into a small square whilst thinking of your wish. You may wish to help in the healing of someone close to you, or you may wish for world peace. It is up to you, and what you feel is important right now.


Place your three shiny gold coins the apple core and your Earth wishes into the hole you have prepared. Cover it gently with your bare hands. Then proceed to water the ground with a light spray. While doing this release your thoughts to the universe. If this prosperity spell and ritual is done correctly that is without power, greed or manipulation as the intention. It will also bring peace and protection to the residents of the property.

With Love in the driver’s seat of intention, the only thing that can possibly come back to us is Love and Abundance. © by psychic medium Ian Scott

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