Metaphysics Of Duality

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Duality Meaning

Duality Meaning

We live in a duality world, where there is light, there is dark. The world is full of people radiating love, light, and nonviolence and the world is also full of people radiating hate, darkness, violence, and fear, to think otherwise is naive.

Duality Spiritual awareness

We all wonder about life’s mysteries why we are here and so forth when we do usually around our teenage years, we are asked to make a universal decision. This decision is given to all souls who enter the earth. A decision that will change our life, we must decide whether we are light or dark. Do we radiate love or hate?

Spirit and our unconscious will show us both sides the evil and the good, through our dreams, personal encounters with people and intuitions. After time and many tests placed in front of us, a decision is made, most of the time unconsciously.

From this point on we have determined what comes to us in our life, dark or light. The aura shows this decision in the colours of silver or shiny black. Star Wars story depicts this struggle perfectly.

Old souls, ones of maturity make this decision consciously each time they return to earth. Those souls who are growing through their lives tend to make the decision unconsciously. When a certain soul growth is reached these souls are asked to make the decision again, this is what we call a spiritual awakening. For light or dark to be effective as a balance for the planet, a conscious decision must be made, otherwise, our energy is in a state of duality limbo.

Soul Decision Light Or Dark The Duality

So we’ve made the decision to work for Satan if this decision is conscious there is usually no turning back. We all know where this path leads, we have all been affected by it. If the decision is unconscious and there is still some love left the person has a constant life struggle.

Until a soul-changing decision is made once again. This literally involves a near-death experience or something as traumatic to trigger the change. Otherwise, these people live in their own created hell. Unfortunately bringing that hell to others around them.

So we’ve made the decision to work for love, then this is the very energy that will come to you. Living a spiritual loving life adds to the light of the world, it breeds compassion and spreads like glowing flowers in an open field.

Unfortunately, the same universal principles work for the dark side as well. It is of the utmost importance we maintain a balance here on earth, if we don’t the only thing to become of us is destruction.

Making the decision to love with light sends us on a spiritual awakening path, one of growth. Solving and healing all situations around us. Making that decision consciously makes us a lightworker, making that decision unconsciously leads to displacement and an open door for darkness and negativity to creep in.

Do we need Protection Awaken To Duality?

The key is to be spiritually aware, aware enough to know the decision we have made, how do we do that? By knowing the dark side as we know the light side. This way we leave no open doors, we know how to protect ourselves and others from the dark entering.

To think thoughts of love, light and positivity protect us to a certain degree but if we ignore the fact there are other forces at work, we literally give them an open door to attack our weaknesses.

No other protection is needed other than to be aware, not ignorant. Ignorance will not protect us, only makes it easier for others to negatively influence us. Being spiritually aware also allows us to see the darkness within ourselves, this is a good thing because then we can make the conscious decision to let the light win each and every time. © by psychic medium Ian Scott.

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