Snake Spirit Animal Meaning

Animal Spirit guide Snake
Snake Spiritual Meaning

Snake Spirit Animal Meaning

The Australian aboriginal’s word for snake is Kabul. A powerful animal totem possessing the ability of these spiritual attributes. Transmutation, Healing, Serpent, Medicine, Renewal, Male and female sexuality, Expressed sensuality.

Connected to lightning and the moon, Elemental Power, Goddess Energy, Clairaudience, Silent Wisdom, Higher Consciousness, Fertility, Lust and temptation, Vision, Kundalini, Shamanism, Creative energy, Change, Empathy, Regeneration, Alchemy and Magic, Associations with element of fire and the Phoenix.

Snake Spiritual Meaning

Snake medicine allows one to release the old and invite the new, dispelling self-delusion and self-imposed limitations. The Snake holds duality ( Life, death / Death, rebirth ) in its venom if a dark magician possesses a snake spirit it will be used for evil purposes, such as poisons, if a white shaman possesses a snake spirit it will be used for healing.

Snake animal spirit has strong connections with the occult and has the ability to access all that is hidden, all that is sacred knowledge. Snake shamans will induce a hypnotic trance state in themselves and their clients, allowing for divine intervention and an abundance of channelled spiritual energy directly guided toward healing. The snake spirit is a symbol of ascension, moving toward higher consciousness through psychic and spiritual development.

Animal Spirit Guide / Totem Animal Snake

Snake spirit animal asks us to stay connected with the earth and become grounded and centred, tuning ourselves to the earth’s spiritual vibrations. Snake reminds us to be open-minded and flexible with our thinking finding neutrality within our emotions, giving way to wise judgment. Snake spirit people often lead charmed lives of magic and mystery.

Snake medicine teaches through his shedding of skin renewal and regeneration, experiencing some pain in the transition of knowing oneself is natural. Snake spirit asks that you acknowledge the pain as part of your transition and not shy away from it, but embrace it.

Snake spirit people act with honesty and integrity balanced strongly with compassionate love. Be aware, though, the snake is the embodiment of both yin and yang, if you cross her she may just bite.

Serpent Fire
Massaging the earth with my walk,
hearing her healing through her talk.
We are connected to mother earth and me.
Silently slithering, magically delivering,
sensually moving, awakening to ascension.
The alchemy of earth is in my veins, I am Snake.

Mythology from around the world

Celtic mythology – St. Patrick hailed he had driven all of the snakes out of Ireland, what he truly meant was, he dispelled the Druids (leaders and teachers in poetry, music, spiritual wisdom, law of the land and healing). And the apple that the snake gave Eve in the garden of Eden, was from the Tree of Knowledge.

Snakes hold great respect in India and the lore and symbolism are highly regarded. Vitana, the mother of snakes, symbolizes water and the underworld. The Goddess Shiva wore snakes on her body as a form of jewellery.

The Egyptian Cobra snake goddess Meretseger (“She who loves silence”) holds the values of mercy, honesty, respect, and seclusion. The Egyptians believe the spirit of Meretseger watches over the Valley of the Kings.

The myth is Meretseger brings healing to those that are honest and brings danger and retribution to those who are not. Snake is the sixth Astrological symbol of the Chinese zodiac and is considered lucky. People born in the year of the snake are sensual, attractive and seductive.

How do know if Snake is my spirit guide animal?

Snake spirit animal brings powerful energy and strong magic, strong enough to create great change in your life. Are you needing a change in your life? but not sure how to go about it, seek the wisdom of a snake. Study the snake in all his aspects, and ask for his guidance just before you go to sleep.

Dream About Snakes

Dreams about snakes meaning augers prophetic insights and is a sure sign you are to delve into the alchemy that is the snake. Dreams about snakes in bed with you is a premonition that warns of unfaithfulness in relationships.

Spiritual Meaning Of Snake In House

The spiritual meaning of snakes in my house is a sign telling us there is change afoot connected with moving home or being forced to move house. Further foretells of vicious rumours and untruths. Guard yourself against malice from friends and associates.

Sign Of A Snake Crossing Your Path

If by accident you run over a snake in your car or you have to move to avoid being in a snake’s path. It is a sign great change is already well on its way and to have caution within the next coming weeks.

This type of forced change from the snake spirit tells us that change has been needed for some time, but you have delayed these changes due to fear, fear of change itself.  © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott. 

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