Month Of May Meaning

May month meaning
May month meaning

May ushers in vast amounts of positive energy with which to work. Live the journey in May, let your hair down, lift off the ground, dare to do things differently and pose the question, am I living or waiting to die?

Month Of May Numerology

The month of May Numerology meaning (the 5th month) holds the numerological vibration of the number five. Jupiter rules number five offering abundance, fortune, and excitement. Combined with the influence of Leo and Taurus and guided by the element air.

The power days in the month of May which exude the most fortunate energy for business, travel, marriage, and romance are the 4th, 10th, 12th, 14th, and 23rd. These dates are less likely to hold negative or obstacle-making energy during the month of May.

 Tree Totems For The Month Of May
Willow Tree
Hawthorn Tree

Animal Totems For The Month Of May
Hawk Animal Totem

Herb Totem For May
Angelica Flower

Symbolic Meaning For The Month Of May

Zodiac signs of the Month of May, Taurus (April 20 – May 20) and Gemini (May 21 – June 20). The month of May is also associated with the eastern zodiac sign the snake.

The 1st of May marks the Beltane festival for the northern hemisphere and Samhain is celebrated also on the 1st of May in the southern hemisphere. Dance, sing be merry, emit light and love, celebrate and bring in the new season. Manifest a great vibration with which to carry through the winds of May.

The birthstone for the month of May is the precious gemstone Emerald a beautiful dark green stone. Carrying the vibrations of the earth and her nourishing presence. The Emerald is sometimes known as the “Stone of Successful Love“.

Emerald is particularly useful for enhancing manifestation spells on the new moon. Carrying positive luck and hope, the emerald makes a powerful talisman. Maia is Italic for May meaning “the great one” Maia is the righteous positive goddess of spring. The 15th of May is assigned to the good goddess in celebration.

May Spiritual Meaning

May brings enchantment with its seasonal changes, ushering movement of the metaphysical kind. Movement in areas of expansion and spiritual growth is a time when we feel like we can levitate. And please do try, it’s the magic concept of May, you don’t know if you’re going to succeed at anything until you give it a go.

Through the breeze and tides, May carries with it a second chance if you like. Didn’t do so well trying to woo your sweetheart back onside? Missed some lucrative business opportunities?

The month of May has the energy to help us reach our goals and heart’s desires again. Utilize May’s energies by going the extra mile with your projects, watching them succeed will be the reward. © by psychic medium Ian Scott 

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