ESP Test Zener Cards

esp test zener cards
Zener Cards

Try your hand at super intuition. Prepare by relaxing the mind and body. Light a vanilla-scented candle to promote emotional energy within the room you’re conducting the experiment.

What Are The Zener Cards?

Zener cards are a set of 25 cards with five basic symbols repeated five times a circle, a star, a square, a set of wavy lines and a cross. The Zener cards were designed and created by psychologist Dr Karl Zener in the early 1930s. Developed as a tool to test for psychic ability or extrasensory perception (ESP). Several experiments were conducted along with colleague J B Rhine.

esp test zener cards
esp test zener cards

Zener Cards ESP test

Zener Cards esp test from thrive on news


The original set of experiments was discredited and even laughed at by some. But the ESP test Zener cards are still used today and hold strong popularity as a precognition test and guide to psychic ability.

ESP test Zener card scores are out of 25 tries. Shuffle the cards take a moment to try and predict the card that will be shown when you press the flip card. Repeat the process 25 times and check your score below.

ESP Test Zener Cards Online

A score of 3 to 7 is not considered ESP.
A score of 8 to 11 indicates a strong intuition.
A score of 12 to 15 by chance is one in five billion and indicates ESP.
A score of 16 to 25 on a regular basis indicates powerful precognition skills
and psychic ability. And is considered impossible.

This test, of course, is not conclusive that someone is or is not psychic and probably should be treated as a game. But in saying that I do like to play and it helps me recognize if I’m on target before I sit down to channel or meditate. Another psychic tool at our disposal. © by psychic medium Ian Scott 

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