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Archangels Of The Zodiac

Archangels of the zodiac. Spiritual meaning. Which archangel resides over
your star sign? A little prayer to the correct angel goes a long way.

archangels meaning zodiac
12 archangels meaning zodiac

Archangels’ meaning and their assignment to the 12-star signs of the zodiac.

12 Archangels Of The Zodiac

The light beings from the heavenly realm, the archangels. A specific angel has a presence and influence over each of the twelve-star signs. Which archangel resides over your star sign? A little prayer to the correct angel goes a long way.

Aries – Archangel Ariel Meaning

The archangel Ariel is influenced by the zodiac sign Aries. Ariel is responsible for keeping nature in balance and harmony. Armed with the strength of the lion and the power of God, Ariel protects the magic of the woods. And is especially relevant at this time, for Ariel is responsible for bringing awareness and change of mind to the environment.

Taurus – Archangel Chamuel Meaning

The archangel Chamuel watches over the Taurus souls. Chamuel is the one who sees God, looking after the love which holds relationships together. Bringing harmony to the home and settling the soul into a peaceful future. Also aiding in repairing relationships and friendships including family and pets.

Gemini – Archangel Zadkiel Meaning

Archangel Zadkiel resides over the star sign Gemini resting his gentle soul upon their shoulders. Working with one’s compassion Zadkiel heals and forgives a soul who takes the wrong path. Helping them to find mercy for themselves and others. And repairing their spiritual relationship with God.

Cancer – Archangel Gabriel Meaning

With the strength of God, Archangel Gabriel cuddles the Cancerians into a feeling of safety. Gabriel watches over our dreams ensuring their positivity and learning power. Opening our mind to visions and prophecies. God’s messenger angel helps us to convert our feelings into words that convey spirit.

Leo – Archangel Raziel Meaning

Archangel Raziel associates himself with the star sign Leo. Raziel helps us on our spiritual journey, revealing the secrets of God’s divine knowledge to us, as needed. Raziel is the codebreaker assisting in all things symbolic with a puzzle. Unlocking the power of synchronicity.

Virgo – Archangel Metatron Meaning

Metatron Gods right-hand, peers over the star sign Virgo. Metatron aids in the process of healing by cleansing and purifying the soul, mind, and body. Awakening the spirit with such power, the person feels born again with a refreshed outlook on life and an enlightened soul.

Libra – Archangel Jophiel Meaning

Libra and the archangel Jophiel work together as a spiritual force in one’s life. Jophiel helps us to see the beauty in ourselves and every man and every woman. Real beauty is found in the blood as it pumps through the heart and is seen through the eyes.

Scorpio – Archangel Jeremiel Meaning

Archangel Jeremiel looks after the scorpions keeping an eye on their achievements. Knower of past lives and ancient earth magic, Jeremiel heals through helping one remember. Remember all of our lives to aid us in piecing together a whole picture of our souls’ journey up until this point.

Sagittarius – Archangel Raguel Meaning

For the Sagittarius, Archangel Raguel stands as guardian. The friend of God who asks for the mercy of others. Helping one to balance their karma slate. Raguel uplifts our mind giving rise to higher intellect and knowledge. Channelling power to our communication skills and being able to heal and relax through the tone of our voice.

Capricorn – Archangel Azrael Meaning

The angel of death archangel Azrael supports the Capricorn through grief. Consoling and healing through spiritual means, providing communication with passed over loved ones. Animal spirits are also cared for by the angel Azrael, bringing God to their passing.

Aquarius – Archangel Uriel Meaning

The angel with the light of God cares for and protects those under the sign of Aquarius. Uriel inspires creation, imagination, and crystal clear ideas. Uriel offers a unique kind of guidance, freeing one of misdirection leading to life inequality. Helping one to make the right decisions, ones which are only for your highest good.

Pisces – Archangels Meaning Sandaphon

A deliverer of messages to God Sandaphon has his influences with the star sign Pisces the fish. Through the ears, the angel Sandaphon will guide you with music and prayer. Communicating with you in beautiful omnipresent telepathy. Archangels meaning for Sandaphon is a strong heart wins the agelessness of beauty. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott

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