Ivy Spiritual Meaning

Ivy spiritual meaning. In ancient times Ivy was made into an ale which was used
in conjunction with hallucinogenic mushrooms create a frenzy and induce vision.

Ivy spiritual meaning
Ivy, the spiral of revelation search for self-brings transformation

In ancient times Ivy was made into a highly potent ale which was used in conjunction with hallucinogenic mushrooms to whip up a state of frenzy and induce vision. (Bit like the South American Awawoska.)  Please don’t try this at home! It contains Hederin, which is highly poisonous.

The purpose of this was to search for the soul. It’s supposed to be good for a hangover or to sober you up. Small amounts of Ivy tea are said to dilate blood vessels, while large amounts can cause them to contract. Don’t touch the berries! They are poisonous. An Ivy tonic is also used for whooping cough and respiratory ailments.

Ogham letters meaning Ivy
English: Ivy
Astrology Birth: September 30th – October 27th
Celtic: Gort
Latin: Hedera Helix

Ogham Ivy Spiritual Meaning

Search for self. Personal Development and transformation. The spirals of life as opposed to the cycles. Tenacity, ruthlessness, achievement restriction. The spiralling nature of the way Ivy grows is symbolic of the spiral of the self.  Spiralling inward and outward, seeking enlightenment and companionship. Its characteristics include binding, restricting, attachment, freedom, uniting and linking with others.  It is also associated with fertility because of its rapid growth.

Ivy was considered feminine energy while Holly was considered a male. Both herbs are featured in Yule (Alban Arthen) celebrations and in wedding wreaths for the bride and groom. Bards were given a crown of Ivy to give them honour.

(When Christianity emerged, the early council tried to ban the use of Ivy in decoration because of its Pagan Association  – and yet we often see Jesus wearing a crown of Ivy and/or thorns?)

Ivy lore is associated with the Goddess of rebirth.  It is seen as a plant of the Otherworlds and communicating with them.  It is also associated with the Greek God of wine and fertility Dionysus, often seen covered in ivy and grapevines.

If a girl carries Ivy in her pocket she will soon meet her future husband. It can be used to banish the negative things from your life, and eliminate toxic relationships. Look inward to find self-growth, but turn outward to find spiritual companionship with like-minded people. © by Druid Priestess Jyoti Eagles 

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