Ivy Spiritual Meaning

Ivy spiritual meaning
Ivy, the spiral of revelation search for self-brings transformation

Astrology Birth: September 30th – October 27th

The Celtic letter for Ivy is Gort (meaning field or green pasture) and it is the twelfth letter of the Ogham alphabet. Gort corresponds to the English letter G. A small shrub, growing vine-like and eventually resembling a tree on its own.

Ivy Metaphysical Properties

Even though Ivy is not a tree, it was revered by the Druids as magical. Ivy was often carried as a spell. To entice good luck and fertility in meeting a man for possible marriage. The twisting, winding, spiralling Ivy is a representation of the bonds we share with others.

Spiritual growth is a sign of the Ivy entering your life. One of personal transformation and growth of the soul. Healing is also associated with Ivy, but the healing of the soul. Regeneration of body and mind by expanding one’s connection with Ivy and its spirit to reach the light.  protection from evil spirits.

Ogham Ivy Spiritual Meaning

Spiritually Ivy is recommending you find your true self. Search for what and who you really are. And not go overboard with any part of yourself. As Ivy can become outrageous and take over all its sights.

Or it can grow gently on side of a building. Balance of oneself, restraint in situations that call for it and zest when needed. Remember your friends and those who helped you along the way. Strive to create strong bonds with people, family, friends, and loved ones. And even those you don’t know are made of honesty, trust and love.

Just through this action alone spiritual growth is sure to follow. Ivy sends a message about the connection between everything and everyone in this universe. Showing us how we are a part of everyone and everything. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott

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