Gemini Star Sign Meaning

gemini star sign meaning
Zodiac Sign Gemini

Gemini Star Sign Meaning

22nd May – 21st June
Glyph: Twins
Element: Air
Colour: Checks, stripes or any two colours
Motto: I Think
Affirmation: I am mentally versatile and synthesize information. I shape-shift.
Body: The Lungs, Shoulders, Arms and Hands
Stone: Tigers eye, agate
Yoga: Wrist and arm stretches
Sacred Animals: Stag, Seahorse and Dragonfly
Rune Stone: Raidho

Gemini Sexuality

Gemini the twins. Flirtatious, bisexual, voyeur

Gemini Mythology

In ancient times, twins were considered to be supernatural…one twin was considered to be born of a human father and the other of a god. One twin was mortal, the other immortal. In Roman mythology, Gemini is associated with the brave warrior twins Castor and Pollux.

Castor, the mortal twin inevitably died. The immortal Pollux was overcome with sorrow and begged his father Jupiter to allow Castor to share his immortality. Jupiter acknowledged the bravery of both brothers and reunited the pair in the heavens.

Gemini Star Sign Personality

The Jester – through storytelling and writing to lighten the world with curiosity and mind games. To know as much as possible and communicate both within the self (internal thought processes) and to others. To create an intelligent system based on logic and classification.

Gemini Shadow Self

Gemini star sign meaning, the dark side. Superficial, scattered and a liar. A con artist and trickster. Foolish and over-talkative. Unfocused and overwhelmed by information.

Gemini Constellation

Gemini the Twins is the 30th largest constellation in the sky and contains 85 visible stars. The two stars, Castor and Pollux, are unique among those named in the heavens in that they are not only the myth behind the constellation, but are actual stars.

Gemini Brightest Stars

The two brightest stars in the constellation Gemini are the heads of Castor and Pollux. Castor is a bright white binary star, situated approximately 50 light-years from Earth. Pollux is an orange star situated approximately 35 light-years away and is the brighter of the two stars. A couple of “bad boys” indicate possible illness or injury. © Crystal Gaze Astrology

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