The Month Of June Meaning

June month meaning
June month meaning

Numerology For The Month Of June

The month of June has the numerological vibration of the number six ( sixth month ). The planet Venus rules the number six with all its beauty and wonderment of love, balance, and harmony. June is a time when the energy is most favourable for romance and sensual relationships. The lover’s tarot card governs the number six adding a double power signal of love to the month.

Numerology Power Days June

The numerology power days in the month of June which exude the most fortunate energy for business, travel, marriage, and romance are the 11th, 15th, 24th, and 26th. These dates are less likely to hold negative or obstacle-making energy during the month of May.

Symbolic Meaning For The Month Of June

The Astrological signs in June are. Gemini Zodiac Sign – 22nd May – 21st June. Cancer Zodiac Sign – 22nd June – 21st July. Celtic Astrology Birth Tree signs for June are. Hawthorn Tree: May 13th – June 9th. Oak Tree: June 10th – July 7th. The birth flower for the month of June is the rose. The month of June is also associated with the eastern zodiac sign the Horse.

The Summer Solstice, also known in other Pagan, Celtic, Druid, and Wiccan traditions as Alban Heruin, Litha, or Midsummer, occurs each year on or around the 21st/22nd of June in the Northern Hemisphere. Alban Arthan Celebrations the 21 and 22nd of June Southern Hemisphere.

Traditionally the birthstone for the month of June is the moonstone. People did believe at one stage that Moonstone was actually from the moon. Believing that the stone was always trying to return to the moon. Hence the myth of the moonstone being able to align the vertebrae in the spine. Moonstone will align the subtle or spirit body back into the physical with ease, relieving headaches, and dizziness as a result.

Spiritual Meaning Of June

The month of June brings laughter, joy, and excitement. A time where the energy integrates toward unity and compassion, a time of fertility. Approaching all of us in the month of June is subtle light energy from other planets reflected off the moon. This alone brings abundance and fruitful occasions as our emotions feel the planetary influences.

Take time to reflect on this month as June also signifies the end of the first half of the year. Did we achieve all we wanted to? Spiritually did we allow time to centre and relax through the pressures, or did react in a negative stressful way? It’s our choice to be stressed we do it to ourselves.

June recalls and conjures the teacher within, the wolf who lays dormant. A time when all of us have a lesson in front of us either spiritually at work or school or just proving ourselves amongst family.

Reach this month for what was too high for you before. Placing yourself in the driver’s seat of your future. You have control, maybe you are just not aware of it yet. © by psychic medium Ian Scott 

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