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Panther Spirit Animal Meaning

Panther spirit animal meaning. the spirit animal augers a time of awakening and
uplifting the inner passions which drive our own personal life force.

panther meaning
Black panther spiritual meaning

Panther Magic

Spirit of the dark moon,
traveller of the astral world.
Master magician,
a seer of the nights’ secrets.

Panther meaning is the astral travel master a true shape-shifter, Spiritual, Secretive, Silent, Elegant, Valor, Connected to the Moon, Solitary, Feminine, Ancient Mysticism, The Crone ( Old wise woman ), Guardian Energy, Power and Strength, God of darkness, Courage, Old Soul, Reclamation of power, Superior telepathic communication, Loners, Visionary, Shapeshifter, Sensuality, Distant Healing, No Fear, Alchemy, The Goddess, Self-empowerment, Symbol of the shaman.

Native American Indians the Tucano of the Amazon forest thought the roar of the panther was the roar of thunder. Symbolizing a black panther as the god of darkness causing eclipses by swallowing the sun.

In Egyptian mythology, the panther is connected with the Crone of the crossroads, Hecate. In China, Panthers were embroidered on the robes of Generals in the belief that the Panther’s valour and ferocity would be passed on to the wearer.

Within the Egyptian Book of the Dead, king Pepi must pass through the ceiling of heaven wearing his panther skin. Draping the skin across his shoulders symbolized he had eliminated his desires for the earthly realm and its materialistic energy.

Panther Spirit Animal Meaning

Panther meaning of the spirit animal augers a time of awakening and uplifting the inner passions which drive our own personal life force. Panther energy medicine amplifies all the senses and redirects our psychic spiritual energy, to create a highly focused manifestation, seen by others as personal power and magic.

Panther spirit symbolizes settling into your own self, being comfortable with yourself bringing forth great personal power. Panther is a power animal and allows us to recognize our own personal sense of purpose in life, and develop a strong spiritual understanding of why we are here.

A Black Panther may be smaller than lions and tigers but are the mightier aggressors with superior talent. Panther animal spirit asks us to look deep into our dark feminine side, our fears, secrets, and subconscious. If we learn to become comfortable with our dark side, it will bring healing light to the hidden sides of ourselves. The path of the hero is undertaken by the Panther spirit.

Panther Shamanic Meaning

Black Panther spirit guides people to encourage others positively through their own zest for life and quest for realizing one’s dream and desires. Panther reminds us to release our fears to acknowledge our own power and accept our dark shadow selves. Panther helps in honouring one’s own feelings. Panther spirit people have contained in them, the knowledge of the cosmos and other worlds, communicating with beings on an astral level.

Out of body experiences accompany panther as your spirit guide, her medicine is extremely powerful, magically transferring this to you, allowing a state in which astral travel is not only achievable but controllable too. Panther spirit people have a spiritual healing element behind the look in their eyes, giving way to telepathic healing. On the other hand, a Panther’s stare is transfixing, slightly hypnotic and will instil the fear of death inside of the one looking back at her. Panther spirit people are often shamans, prophets and healers with universal insight.

Panther Symbolic Meaning

If you feel as though you need to protect someone in your life at the moment, panther spirit guide? king, offering her assistance. Having the Panther spirit animal come to you in your dreams is a strong message that she wishes you to observe her metaphysical medicine.

Panther Dream Meaning

Nightmares or frightening dreams of a panther is not negative it simply means you are not accepting nor seeing clearly your true self. Being passionate about Panthers is a sign you have a connection with her. Being given unknowingly a picture or ornament of a panther is a sign of her presence and a spiritual message to study her magic. © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott.