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Dragonfly Spiritual Meaning

Dragonfly spiritual meaning dragonflies are old transcendental souls,
who seek others of their maturity and universal understanding.

dragonfly meaning
dragonfly meaning symbolism

Dragonfly Spiritual Meaning 

Shape Shifter, Transformation, Supernatural Power, Master in the realm of Magic, Self-Realization, Change, Nature Spirit Friends, Connected Water and Wind, Harmony, Prosperity, Purity, Positive Force, Renewal, Maturity.

The emergence of the True Self, Metamorphosis, Dragonfly meaning often symbolizes the end of self-delusion, Precise Action, Swiftness, Power of Light, Joy, Spiritual expansion is dragonfly’s message, Mysticism.

Dragonfly Symbolism

Dragonfly spirit people are sensitive, emotional and extremely empathic, they do sometimes need to retreat to the Dragons Den, to regain strength and understanding of themselves before they can once again tackle the things they need to in their life’s transformational journey.

Meaning Of A Dragonfly Crosses Your Path

Dragonfly spirits often have the million in one chance of re-connecting with their twin flame here on earth. Dragonfly is especially useful if you are burned out or are struggling with accepting a part of yourself, Dragonfly meaning will help you grow spiritually.

Sit quietly and watch
for you do not hear the Dragonfly
he is the keeper of meditation

Dragonfly Animal Spirit Guide 

The journey Dragonfly totem offers is knowing oneself, being a master of knowing who you are and what you stand for. Dragonfly spirit animal people are old transcendental souls, who seek others of their maturity and universal understanding.

Dragonfly Spirits have the superpower of being able to see all perspectives and all points of view simultaneously. Dragonfly people are gifted with natural magic and understand the laws of nature. A shaman will evoke the Dragonflies in times of need, to reason with troublesome spirits to move them on.

Dragonfly Meaning The Transformer

Fly, Fly, Fast, Grow do not stop
Do not be afraid to see all
A masterful shapeshifter adapts
to all circumstances and situations
with magic, speed and agility. © Ian Scott

Dragonfly Mythology from around the world

Some Native American Indian tribes believe the Dragonfly was once a glorious dragon who was tricked into shape-shifting into the form of a dragonfly by the master of trickery the coyote. Once the dragon took the form of the dragonfly, it was impossible for Dragonfly to re shape-shift back into the Dragon spirit animal.

Dragonfly meaning is highly represented in Japanese paintings and drawings conveying light, colour, and joy. The Japanese people held the Dragonfly with great honour and respect so much so that the legendary Samurai used it as their symbol. In Wales. the Dragonfly is called the snake servant because they believed they followed snakes and stitched up their wounds after the battle.

When A Dragonfly Visits You

A Dragonfly visits you, his message is, turn to what is creative inside of you ask yourself are you following this creativity? If  Dragonflies gather around your dam or spring that is located on or close to your property, it may be time to sell and move on. Transformation brings great rewards.

Spiritual Meaning of dragonfly landing on you

If a Dragonfly lands on you, this is a sure sign he wishes you to follow him and learn his medicine. From within and from without you are given the power to succeed you must now climb abroad and let me take you on an adventure. Notice the signs but must of all take action on them.

Dragonfly Meaning In Your Dreams

Perhaps he may appear in your dreams in his original form, that of the Dragon, to take you on an astral journey of self-discovery. Having Dragonfly medicine in your life is truly a spiritual blessing. © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott.