Fox Spirit Animal Meaning

Fox Totem Animal
Fox Totem Animal

Fox Spirit Animal Meaning

Supernatural powers, Shapeshifting abilities, Versed in the old magic, Invisibility, natural talent of stealth with ninja-like qualities, Strength and courage with inherent wisdom. Loyalty to those chosen by them. Highly intuitive and has a similar trait to a bat, to see clearly what is hidden.

Playful delightful, intimate love. Supreme intelligence, and extremely sophisticated in the hunt for what it needs, desires and wants. Balance of work and play comes naturally to the fox, feminine, and harmony. Advantageous energy, good fortune. A heightened focus of the mind and tunnel-like concentration.

Dancing in the shadows of the moon
Whispering clearly to those I seek
I am Fox, protector of the forests
ancient doorways.

Traits Personality Fox Totem

Fox totem is a healer and helps those that pass tragically to cross into spirit calmly without fear. Fox animal spirit medicine is one of non-expectation and non-attachment to outcomes, to allow (once the work is done) the natural flow of the universe to have precedence.

Fox totem guards against the dark side of the supernatural protecting one from spirits that have the intention to harm. Fox will only show her true spiritual powers to those closely connected to her. Having a fox as a totem animal will help us to see without ego or prejudice making kind unifying decisions, leading to success.

Fox totem animal asks us to be ultra-free in our thoughts and imaginations and to look for what we have not yet seen, taking advantage of things others would never notice. Fox animal spirit says if you have not tried every conceivable way then you have not tried at all.

Most of all fox spirit’s message is, to be of benefit and healing to those around you, bring harmony to lost relationships, and maintain a loving balance toward others. In this way, the light will always follow the dark.

Arctic White Fox Spiritual Meaning

White fox animal spirit leads us to love or the repair of love with family members and loved ones. Removing obstacles that keep us from bonding with those around us. White fox animal spirit often shows up at funerals helping loved ones and the departed share a spiritual connection.

Red Fox Spiritual Meaning

Red fox animal spirit has strong connections with the sun, dawn being the red foxes’ ultimate time for maximum magical strength. Red Fox carries the message of natural magic and healing, take yourself outside into the world, and allow the earth to provide health, healing, wonder, and beauty. © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott. 

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