Turtle Spiritual Meaning

Turtle totem animal
Turtle totem animal

What Does A Turtle Symbolize

The turtle totem holds Ancient Knowledge and Wisdom, Longevity, Turtle is the Symbolic Totem For Mother Earth Herself, Meditation, Peace, Feminine energy, Ancient Earth Wisdom, Intuition, Past Lives, Fortitude, Earth Guardian, Element Water, Connected to the moon, Divination, Psychic energy, Telepathy, Patience, Serendipity, Endurance.

Turtle Spiritual Meaning

The turtle animal spirit is a symbol of all living things, living together in peace and harmony. Turtle provides a comfortable relaxed state in which to work toward a future goal. Steady solid growth and prosperity are all attributes of the turtle. Turtle spirit personalities exude the energy of perseverance and determination in creating an indomitable spirit.

The turtle will guide you with wisdom, but his ultimate wish is for you to find your own way, with him by your side for some wise conversation. You cannot rush a turtle he is on his own path and moves in his own time, he reminds us to be gentle, forgiving and wondrous.

Turtle Animal Spirit Guide / Totem Animal

Turtle spirit aids in finding our inner peace through meditation and healing. Turtle spirit is free and wild, roaming constantly with his comfortable home right with him, turtles motto is, my home is where I decide to stop and rest awhile.

Having a turtle as a totem animal can be, at times quite challenging, turtle spirit demands peaceful surroundings with silent wisdom of inner peace, which is hard to hold in the money-orientated world we live in. Meditation is the perfect time to connect with the turtle and share stories with him, the turtle is not a straightforward teacher, he prefers you to work out his personal message for you through the stories he tells you.

Mythology From Around The World

Many Native American Indians hold the Turtle as a symbol of mother earth herself. The turtle or tortoise represents the north direction ( Black of Water ) in feng shui and is one of the four celestial animals guarding the four directions, the others being the Dragon ( East – Green of spring ), Phoenix ( Fire of Red – South ), Tiger ( West – White of Metal ). In Japan, the turtle has the name Genbu ( The listener ) and is a symbol of longevity.

The mysteries of the universe are said to be found on the turtle’s back according to the Chinese Emperor Fu Xi who founded the idea of the Lo Shu Square ( “scroll of the river Lo” ).  A 3×3 grid pattern found in the centre of the turtle shell, each grid representing a number from 1 to 9, and is still widely used today by numerologists, astrologists, and mathematicians.

Turtle Your Totem Animal?

If you are a little lost or seeking wise conversation turtle is the one to talk to, find him through your dreams or meditations. Turtle animal spirits will often visit when there is a need to slow down and take time out to regroup our thoughts, so as to reach a wise decision concerning future events.

The turtle totem represents home life, his spirit may come to you in a time of upheaval or simply having to move from your beloved home. Seeing a turtle in the wild augers a peaceful time ahead, also reminding you to relax and take the time to breathe in the life force.

Dreaming of swimming with turtles is an auspicious indication of working with the earth and environment to preserve a natural state. © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott. 

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