666 Spiritual Meaning

666 Number Meaning
666 Number Meaning

666 Spiritual Meaning

The symbolism and magick of 666 meaning. Triple six is the holy grail the ultimate message to mankind. Within its spiritual and metaphysical meaning unravels the ascension code. Hidden from us for eons, but we have hidden it from ourselves. It is easier to go with the devil you know than to change and look for god.

666 spiritual meaning is asking you to look within your heart. Find compassion and empathy for others. Seek selflessness as a way to spiritual resurrection. Allow people in your heart as your family, if you truly do so, the brain fires differently and allows the triple two to do its magic.

666 Metaphysical Symbolism

The number triple six not only has magical significance but mathematical worthiness of unique value. 666 is the sum of the first 36 numbers (1+2+3…+36=666) It is also the sum of the first 7 prime numbers. In the bible, man was created on the sixth day. Yes, there’s a lot of mystery and fable surrounding the number of the beast.

Basic numerology tells us this 6+6+6 = 18 – 1+8 = 9. The magic of 666 leads to the divine number nine. Also, for a little trivia, the triple 666 reflection seen in a mirror is 999. The triple six has a shadow side. Good and evil if you like. I prefer, being energetic or lazy. Nasty or kind.

The triple six may work with you or against you, depending on who you are on a spiritual level. The 666 key message is about ascension love or hate, good or evil, empathy or psychopathy. The 666 may also be seen as the mark of humankind. Humankind’s most valuable lesson.

666 = Psychopathica

666 is the name given to humans by themselves, the number of the beast. The name other galaxies have called planet Earth is Psychopathica. 666 signifies Earth’s greatest lesson. We can flip the switch from psychopathy to empathy. All that is needed is the intent and will to do so.

From the moment humankind has existed, psychopathy has been the number one energy used by humans. Not sure, history only shows us war, kill or be killed. We break the person and turn them into a psychopath to create a soldier. We only show our fellow man, how to exploit another, and that’s only because there’s something in it for ourselves. This is the planet Psychopathica (earth).

Nearly every movie which is a blockbuster is a part of teaching Psychopathica. Famous movies which we see as adventure fantasy, only support our Psychopathic addiction. Lord of the Rings, is all about war, killing, hate and finally a giant war. The Witch, the Lion, and the Wardrobe sound innocent enough hey? What’s it about evil, war, killing, and hate? The same plot for every movie is fit for the child or adult.

This is how we teach our children Psychopathica. Psychologists say 4% of humans are psychopathic. This answer is only because of fear. The fear of realizing that the actual number is 96% of the human race suffers psychopathic behaviours. It’s in our genes, we were all born with it. That’s why they call it schoolhouse earth.

Here’s the news we can thrive on If we get to know ourselves enough to recognize the psychopath within. We are able to flick the switch from psychopath to empath. Other words used for this are awakening and ascension. Is it time to see the real message of the triple six? Can we as a human race flip the switch from Psychopathica to Empathica? 20 Traits Of A Psychopath >

In The Name Of Love Not Psychopathic Violence

It is scary to see it in yourself. But what a reward, now you have the chance to ascend, spiritually become magical and grow healthy and always healed. Triple six the number of the beast represents mankind, but it also has the keys to love and light through its reflection. The way we reflect on our true selves is to be blatantly honest with ourselves. Then you’ll see what you reflect.

Do you keep seeing 6:66?

If you keep seeing triple six on a regular basis it is a sign of awakening. Recognizing the not-so-nice side of you and the nice, generous side of you. This is the struggle of the shadow self. The way we bring our shadow into the self is to be true to ourselves. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott

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