Rana Fixed Star Meaning

rana fixed star meaning
Fixed Star Rana

Rana fixed star is an orange-white bright star at a 3.7 magnitude from the δ (Delta) Eridani constellation. The spiritual icon the frog” is situated in the constellation Eridanus (“the river”).

This vibrating sub-giant star is almost 3 times the size of the Sun and is situated only 29 light years from Earth. Rana pulsates with strong waves of energy that seek release in movement, travel, and change.

Fixed Star Rana Meaning

This star inspires our thirst for knowledge and wisdom. Backing science all the way. Breakthroughs, ah-ah moments and revelations are the centre of this finely tuned energy from far away in the universe. Bringing passion and commitment into important for humankind projects. Space travel and its challenges are also a part of the Rana distilled energy.

Rana is a catalyst for major change both in our personal lives and our working lives. It predicts leadership changes and chances of promotion. On a relationship level, it determines the moment of truth within a partnership. A time when honesty and trust sink into the minds of couples. Often signalling marriages and births.

On the shadow side of Rana stress and anxiety may take over if you take on too much of a workload. The symbology of the frog is about relaxation and calmness. Keeping balance in times of highly emotional situations. Meditation is very helpful for those who have the fixed star Rana in their astrology charts.

When prominent on a full moon. Rana fixed star signals the beginning of a cycle, so look for subtle but powerful signs from the universe that the new path is the direction being blown by the winds of destiny. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott.

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