Jupiter Astrology Meaning

Jupiter Planet meaning Astrology
Jupiter Meaning

Crystals associated with Jupiter are turquoise and topaz all colours. Plants and flowers that align with Jupiter are sage, sandalwood, magnolia and clover.

Jupiter Planet Meaning Astrology

Jupiter is the God of the gods. And rules Sagittarius and Pisces which are exalted in Cancer. Jupiter relates to blood circulation, liver, and cellular nutrition. A planet that delivers healing when tuning into its light energy.

The big Jupiter is a gas giant meaning that it is not composed of rock or other solid matter. It is the third brightest object seen at night after the Moon and sparkling Venus and is the largest planet within our solar system.

Jupiter is essentially a planet associated with higher learning and good fortune. Having a surge of good luck energy. Little miracles can happen to those with a strong showing of Jupiter in the astrology chart. The planet Jupiter also represents integrity, righteousness, and spirituality.

The planet Jupiter is represented as the king of the gods in Roman mythology, the planetary ruler of the star sign Sagittarius. The ones under this rule by this planet are said to have remarkable insight into the bigger picture of life. Bringing wisdom, knowledge, purpose and meaning into their lives.

Jupiter the largest planet in the solar system, fifth in order from the Sun. Expansion, wealth, an abundance of spiritual knowledge and expression of benevolence and luck. Jupiter’s planet meaning expands whatever it touches. Large, extravagant, tactless, happy.

He influences education, fixed stars, travel, law, wisdom, and ethics among others.  Expanding and growing whatever he comes into contact with.  Jupiter seeks to develop things, to make them bigger, and to extend their borders.  Jupiter widens our perspective and sees the large picture.

Wisdom and knowledge are the strongest layers of Jupiter. Those who are led by this planet pay attention to detail and carefully examine all things. Constantly improving their skills and abilities. Self-realization and personal development become the main goals. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott

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