Celtic Tree Zodiac

Celtic Tree Zodiac
Celtic Tree Zodiac

Celtic Tree Astrology Birth Signs

Celtic Tree Astrology is based on 13 trees of the Ogham Alphabet coinciding with the lunar moon phases. A single Ogham tree is designated for each moon phase of the lunar calendar. Find the wisdom in the tree totem associated with your time of birth just as the Druids did many lifetimes ago. Bring the best out of yourself by conjuring forth the positive qualities of your personal tree totem.

December 24th – January 20th – Birch Tree

Beth: Letter B
Animal: Cow, Pheasant
Colour: White

Those born under the Birch tree are magical catalysts able to transform any situation for the better. Having a natural protective element to their energy guards them against ill will and guides them to safety. Birch tree signs have the potential to be spiritual leaders of their group and excel at joining people together. Birch tree signs often make good entrepreneurs and business investors.

January 21st – February 17th – Rowan Tree

Luis: Letter L
Animal: Unicorn, Bear, Duck
Colour: Grey and Red

Those born under the Rowan tree are blessed with youth and vitality expressing themselves with open emotional contact. Rowan tree totems are friendly souls with natural healing energy, becoming nurses, health care workers, doctors, veterinarians and good Samaritans. A passionate vibration for the love of life surrounds the Rowan Tree people.

February 18th – March 17th – Ash Tree

Nuin: Letter N
Animal: Snake, Snipe
Colour: Green

Those born under the Ash tree, are old souls living many lifetimes usually that of the warrior essence. Ash tree totems are true fighters of justice with a sense of higher purpose about them. Going where others fear to go, and bringing betterment is the qualities of Ash. Ash tree totems make good firefighters, policemen and women, community leaders and popular spokespersons.

March 18th – April 14th – Alder Tree

Fern: Letter F, V
Animal: Red Fox, Ram, Stallion, Gull
Colour: Crimson

Those born under the Alder tree, are strong self-assured individuals with the personal power to chase what they’re wanting in life. Often making good peacemakers, social workers and psychologists. Gifted in communication skills Alder totems are able to tune in telepathically from a young age. Alder tree totems have a strong connection with water feeling at home when they are close to the oceans or rivers.

April 15th – May 12th – Willow Tree

Saille: Letter S
Animal: Hare, Cat, Hawk
Colour: All Bright Colours

Those born under the Willow tree, are emotionally connected to the moon and all things feminine. Sensitive to the lunar tides intuition and psychic power is strong with the willow totem. Making strong friendships is the Willows’ mission, creating trust and love in their own circles is paramount to their personal growth.

May 13th – June 9th – Hawthorn Tree

Huatha: Letter H
Animal: Dragon, Goat, Night Crow
Colour: Purple

Those born under the Hawthorn tree, have beauty, elegance and a unique personal style. Hawthorn totems have strong minds and excel at problem-solving. A powerful personality with tonnes of authority, sometimes stubborn and unreachable. Spiritual growth and the hermit surround the energies of the Hawthorn totem.

June 10th – July 7th – Oak Tree

Duir: Letter D
Animal: White Horse, Lion, Salamander, Wren
Colour: Black, Dark Brown

Those born under the Oak tree, are of a noble essence, dripping in royalty. The people of the oak were resourceful builders of the material and the magic. Oak totems work on the energy of balance, bringing peace and movement to the lives they touch. Oak people make revered leaders as they bring stability and balance to all situations.

July 8th – August 4th – Holly Tree

Tinne: Letter T
Animal: War Horse, Starling
Colour: Dark Grey

Those born under the Holly tree, have a noble quality standing side by side with oak. Holly totem people possess protective spiritual energy and find themselves strongly connected to family and friends. As a strong male energy, holly totems are determined with a passion, though this often achieving their goals.

August 5th – September 1st – Hazel Tree

Coll: Letter C
Animal: Salmon, Crane
Colour: Brown

Those born under the Hazel tree, have wisdom about them, contemplating every move before action is taken. Embedded in their soul is knowledge of magic and mystery, all Hazel totems need to do is remember their skills from lifetimes ago. Hazel totems often become light workers, spiritual healers, nurses and care workers. A deep connection to nature is felt by the ones who sit under the hazel tree.

September 2nd – September 29th – Vine

Muin: Letter M
Animal: Lizard, titmouse
Colour: All

Those born under the Vine, seek the profit within them. Vine totems are open-minded open-hearted straight-to-the-point personalities bringing comfortable energy to those around them. Vine totems are dreamers experiencing psychic visions and thoughts of how to create the future. With this in mind, Vine people inspire and delight all they come into contact with.

September 30th – October 27th – Ivy

Gort: Letter G
Animal: Bore, Swan, Butterfly
Colour: Baby blue

Those born under the enduring Ivy, are loving enlightening people who share this joy with others. Ivy totems have their own special way of bringing people together for any cause or project, their infectious energy spreads to others quickly. Intellectually motivated by stimulating conversation vine people often inspire the beginning of things, a catalyst if you like.

October 28th – November 24th – Broom

Ngetal: Letter N, G
Animal: Dog, Rat, Owl
Colour: Emerald Green

Those born under Broom, appeal for a sense of truth and honour within their vibrations. Broom totems allow others to see their true selves through observation of the broom’s personality. Not one for secrets nor deception broom sweeps and clears any negativity, over time this quality leads brooms to personal and business success.

November 25th – December 23rd – Elder Tree

Ruis: Letter R
Animal: Badger, Raven
Colour: Red

Those born under the Elder tree, possess a magical enchantment about them. Bringing forth miracles in a divine fashion. Elder is the supernatural wood of the ancients used in wands and spells to enrich lives. A fast-paced personality always looks towards freedom as a form of expression. Connected to the elementals elder totems are in tune with the earth around them, and seek to heal and protect the land where possible.

There is an ancient wisdom that lives inside the trees, our oldest wisest friends. Listening to the whispers of the trees aligns our spirit with the magic of nature and its knowledge. © by psychic medium Ian Scott.

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