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mind power psychic protection
Psychic Protection

Mind Power Psychic Protection

Psychic protection for empaths. The most vulnerable group to psychic attacks from others is the empaths of the world. Even negative thoughts thrown towards the empath is excruciating and hurtful.

This is because the empath feels everything. But that’s not to say, normal people or the other end of the scale narcissists, sociopaths, and psychopaths aren’t affected by the psychic attack. They just don’t know what is making them ill or tired or even deeply sick.

The truth of it is, anyone or group, sends bad vibrations and negative thoughts toward a person or group. That person or group will be affected by the malicious energy vibrating toward them. A sudden drop in energy levels and a feeling of being emotionally drained, are all symptoms of a psychic attack.

The Power Of The Sub Conscious Mind

Through using the power of the mind and reaching our subconsciousness. We are able to tap into the vast amounts of psychic energy available to us. Our subconscious taps into the om of nature and the silence of wisdom.

Psychic attack is real and unfortunately practised throughout the world. The effects are real and so is psychic energy. The psychic energy becomes manifest to perform tasks we assign to it.

In this case, a mirrored pyramid deflects a psychic attack. Below are instructions and methods designed for maximum metaphysical protection. Follow them carefully, do each step as written, don’t cheat yourself, and do it any old way. The results will not be the same. A foundation is the most important task of any project. The longer spent on the foundation the stronger the structure becomes.

Pyramid Visualization Technique

How to protect yourself from psychic attacks is through Psychic Protection Exercises, training the mind to build a psychic defence. I’d like to introduce you to the psychic protection pyramid, it’s built with spiritual growth in mind, and it becomes a saviour for the ones who are sending the negative energy. In the end anyhow.

Let us build our pyramid, firstly we can see out of our pyramid as well as allow our energies outward past the pyramid walls. It is impossible to see the pyramid from the outside. The outside walls are mirrors that are bulletproof. Crackproof and psychically sealed. No energy may enter, and no prying eyes are able to see in. The only energy allowed out is that of your wishes only.

The floor of your pyramid is made of earth’s magnetic stone hematite. This magnetized flooring is heightening your psychic energy but throws back any negative energy from the outside.

When a psychic attack is happening the mirrored walls deflect the attack and hurl it back to the source (the person sending it). The hematite stone manipulates the energy, so the attacker learns from his or her mistakes, through accelerated karma.


Visualize the above pyramid at least three times a day for three days. Each night before you sleep, conjure forth the vision of your pyramid. Throughout the day while doing physical tasks, build your pyramid in the mind’s eye.

Use the cover art of this article to help with your visualization. Once that has been accomplished, you should be able to see your pyramid in your mind’s eye instantly, whenever you wish. If you are not quite there yet, repeat the above step, several times if you have to.

For the next seven days as you awaken from a full night’s sleep. perform the building of the pyramid visualization. At the first recognition of alertness build your pyramid before you open your eyes. Do this ritualistically each and every morning of the seven days.

On the eighth day, you’ll find a feeling of inner peace, and feel a little more relaxed and clear-headed. This is because you’re now starting to be protected by the psychic shield you’ve created. Rest for three days and each one of these days builds your pyramid only when you think of it or when you feel the need to.


The roof meditation, for the next three days, focuses your attention on building your pyramid’s roof.  Important remember, your aura is bright and open and free. Because it can be, let it glow brightly. Only you are in its presence. To build your roof visualize yourself inside your pyramid. Building up the walls makes them strong and indomitable.

Open your crown chakra and let your aura energy flow right through your roof. As you’re doing this, visualize white light shooting up the centre of your pyramid. Hold the visualization, as you do, the roof is being sealed tight and locked by the power of white light, love, and spirit.

Once done, consider yourself spiritually and psychically protected. If you feel as though you need to build it some more and add to it, please do so. Now when you feel psychically attacked your pyramid will come up automatically.

For it is connected to your psychic intuition. At this point, you will notice your protection pyramid comes up after it has already been activated. Allowing ourselves a little psychic insurance against attack. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott

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