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Fixed Star Coxa Meaning

The massive fixed star Coxa meaning (“the Anointed One”) situated
in the hip of the star constellation Leo, 165 light-years from Earth.

fixed star Coxa

The massive fixed star Coxa (“Anointed One”) situated in the hip of the star constellation Leo, 165 light-years from Earth. Coxa star has congruent energy to Saturn and Venus with a twist of the moon.

Fixed Star Coxa Meaning

Powerful energy belonging to kings and queens. This majestic star signifies greatness and worthy causes of a humanitarian nature. Found in your natal chart it acts like a light leading you to accomplish all you can but only with perfection in mind. Coxa will light up the wealth and health sectors of your life.

Appearing in conjunction with a full moon. This strong and defiant star (two and a half times the size of our Sun and visible to the naked eye) releases mysterious and elusive energy onto the collective and its need for answers. Secrecy is no longer an option. A revelation of all truths. A time of enlightenment.

In ancient Sumeria this star was the god Kua (“the Oracle”) and whilst it bestows an ability to prophesy and shines brightly on all charismatic leaders, it is also destructive energy, disrupting the status quo.  Only those who are open to the vibrations of the universe and seek to create order out of chaos will succeed.

Shadow Side Of Coxa

Defiance and ignorance overcome and overwhelm the negative person. Coxa star can and will become dark if your self-esteem is down. Coxa relies on your motivation to propel its energies of success and magic. So if you fall, get right back up and try again. Actually, keep doing that until you succeed. In this mode, Coxa stays positive and influences your life with the manifestation of the thing you are wanting. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott.