Oh My God! My God Not Yours

oh my god
oh my god not yours

Power Of Influence

OMG!, there are literally thousands of gods and goddesses from myth to legend, to the power of the story. Choose a god, any god, going once, going twice, sold to the man in the blue hat with the peacock feather. I find the human belief system fascinating.

To think someone believes something so strongly their willing to sacrifice life for it. Some of the beliefs make me giggle until my eyes water. No offence to anyone we all have the free will to believe whatever we choose.

There are a minority of people who still believe the earth is flat. Thousands of people gather for the end of the world each year. The Moon is a giant spacecraft disguised as a moon, listening to and watching our every move. I won’t go on, as I do have not enough tissues. Oh, what about a god with wings or horns or alien gods oh no, stop.

The common thread in all these scenarios is the power of the mind. If we tell ourselves something enough times even if it is a lie, the brain begins to accept this as reality. We actually end up believing the lie too. The mind can be trained and manipulated to believe anything. By ourselves or others.

Our subconscious mind feeds on things that are normally hidden from the conscious mind. Just the same as noticing things in our peripheral vision. We saw them but they become a memory quickly to recall.

In other words, if we want to believe the earth is flat then it will become flat. Your subconscious brain will find things that back up your belief and if they don’t you’ll twist it so it does. But my God says I should listen to the words of 12 people’s different accounts of knowing God’s son.

Here comes the most amazing part. The more you hear words against your belief the more you are likely to believe it. This is because you want to believe something so much, and you’ve become so passionate. You cannot understand how anyone could not also have your beliefs. This drives you to convert the ones who know no better. I celebrate my god by wearing a symbol of torture and pain and nailing.

Oh My God Mind Power

Spirituality without religion. God is love, God is nature, and God’s energy is everywhere. God is the whole universe and its secret workings. God is the way in which the leaves fall from the trees. God is our highest morals and ethical standard practised every day. God-energy is us being as spiritual and loving as we possibly can be. God can be a belief in ourselves.

Take back your power, do not relinquish it to the gods and goddesses. Become the god, become the goddess, become the angels who walk the earth. Heaven on earth is up to us to create. By understanding how we work and the universe around us works. OMG, What Do I Believe? Got you thinking I hope so. With all my respect to those who believe.  #OMG © from psychic medium Ian Scott

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