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Fixed Star Azelfafage

The Astrological influences and metaphysical meaning for divination
in the charts of the fixed star Azelfafage by astrologer Crystal Gaze.

Fixed Star Azelfafage

Spiritual meanings, astronomical information and metaphysical influences of fixed stars in astrology chart divination. The giant blue fixed star Azelfafage (Flying Serpent) in the constellation Cygnus (The Swan) situated approximately 1600 light-years from Earth.

This ingenious fixed star seeks release in the fulfilment of any work well done… focusing all energy on the completion and achievement of tasks that have required planning, perseverance, and strength.

It is harvest time… a time to reap what it is that you have sown.  Whether positive or negative, this energy will bring it to fruition.  It is the final and satisfying moment of the completion of a cycle… a karmic moment in time where the seed of the new cycle is already hidden and waiting. © Crystal Gaze Astrology