Azelfafage Fixed Star Meaning

fixed star Azelfafage meaning
Astrology Azelfafage Fixed Star

A giant blue fixed star Azelfafage (Flying Serpent) has a magnitude of 3.8. And is located in the constellation Cygnus (The Swan) situated approximately 1600 light-years from Earth. Resides in the Pisces star constellation with congruent energy to Venus.

Fixed Star Azelfafage Meaning

A star that brings the animal spirits into focus. We all have a connection to the universe, but unfortunately, as we grow older our connection diminishes. Like a child, the animals of the world retain and thrive on this universal connectedness. The birds of the land speak volumes of nature and its wondrous gift of life. Those with Azelfafage fixed stars in their astrology natal chart are sure to hold psychic reciprocity with nature and animals.

A fortunate star bringing talents to the forefront and artistic energy that rises and grows with age. Emotional self-expression is the essence of this fixed star. Sharing its energy and wisdom with those willing to hear its whispers.

Psychic and artistic energy is very similar in nature. Reaching emotions is an empathic exercise. Being able to transfer those emotions to a canvas or sculpture is the power of Azelfafage. Stirring the soul and igniting inspiration.

Appearing on a full moon. This ingenious fixed star seeks release in the fulfilment of any work well done… focusing all energy on the completion and achievement of tasks that have required planning, perseverance, and strength.

It is harvest time… a time to reap what it is that you have sown.  Whether positive or negative, this energy will bring it to fruition.  It is the final and satisfying moment of the completion of a cycle… a karmic moment in time where the seed of a new cycle is already hidden and waiting. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott.

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