Hawthorn Tree Spiritual Meaning

hawthorn tree meaning
The Ogham Hawthorn

Hawthorn Tree Spiritual Meaning

Cleansing and chastity, protection. Frightful, connotations of things unknown. Being held back for a period of time. Obstacles, obstruction. Misfortune. The power of magical sexuality – the flower Maiden awaiting her union with the Green Lord.

It represents a period of restraint, waiting or spending some time alone.  As masculine energy, concentrate on the mental activity as a prelude to spiritual fertilization.  Can open heart to spiritual growth and love, release blocked energy, chastity, cleansing for the spirit.

PlanetMars (element fire).
Australian Equivalent:  Ballarat Cherry – Exocarpus Supressiformus.
Astrology BirthMay 13th – June 9th
Ogham Letter: H
Celtic: Huathe
Latin: Crateagus monogyna – Crateagus oxyaecantha.

Hawthorn Medicinal Uses and Benefits

The hawthorn tree meaning is said to provide a safe haven during thunderstorms. The hawthorn berries are a great sedative, antispasmodic and diuretic – can regulate blood pressure.  Also helpful for angina and palpitations. Gather the leaves in summer and the berries in autumn.  They relieve stress, kidney disorders, and diarrhoea.

Hawthorn, maiden pure of heart,
Waits in dread desire at the door to the other world,
Events that will transpire.

Hawthorn Tree Metaphysical Meaning

Hawthorn bushes are symbolic of all aspects of the triple goddess, traditionally marking entrances to the magical otherworld.  In Ireland Hawthorn is found growing around and over wells and it was considered a serious crime to cut one down, (except in May).

The Hawthorn wood can be used for handles and the bark to dye wool black. The hawthorn tree flowers can be used in syrups to make wine or jams and jellies.  It provides good hedging for farmers, making dense thorny thickets which are an excellent defence. Protection.

Look after your health, consider life insurance and improve your bad habits.  Further your studies through online education etc. As with all magic, it asks you to find the balance required by uniting apparent opposites.

Open your mind away from the thickets of ignorance and lies and find that middle line. Ultimately the Hawthorn, with its prickly branches and its bright pink berries scream out a warning to those who have swung too far off-centre.

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