Empath Meditation

Empath Meditation
Empath Meditation

Before we begin, empaths are extremely sensitive to outside influences and therefore need extra attention to prepare their meditative space. Start by making sure there are no power points or electrical cords running within your aura field. Approximately 1.5 meters.

This alleviates the electromagnetic radiation coming from these sources. An empath is ultra-sensitive to these kinds of waves. A microwave will, for example, won’t be found in an empath’s house. Well, not a conscious one anyhow.

Noise is of no bother as it can easily be cancelled out during the first 10 minutes of meditation. Physical interruptions, however, can cause unpleasantness in the empath. Having a room where the door can be locked, is advised.

Going back to EMR (electromagnetic radiation) turn off your phone and leave it in a separate part of the house. If possible turn off all appliances in the room you’ve chosen to meditate in. As an extra little help from the herb world, a cleansing of the room with white sage is recommended.

Shower first, an aura detox is needed to cleanse the aura first, as taking outside energies into your meditation will be felt by the empath. You must decontaminate first. Follow the link on how to do this above.

An empath is also extremely aware and sensitive to water. This is probably another article. But briefly, as it pertains to this particular meditation. Underground streams are common, and if one happens to run underneath your house. It will cause health issues such as asthma and flu-like symptoms. Be sure you’re not meditating on top of one of these water dragons

All empaths are psychic and have a very active pineal gland (third eye). Psychic energy coupled with empathic energy is a beacon of light. Therefore the dark will try to put you out.

The next step in preparation is the most important. Clear your aura space of others. This is difficult for empaths. But it is so needed, as the empath will become ill around others if recognition of whose health or negative energy issues they’re picking upon. Learn how to do this here, psychic protection exercise >

Sitting or laying down your choice, I prefer laying down on my back, with legs slightly apart and arms stretched out also slightly apart from the body.

Empath Meditation 

Close your eyes ad some heaviness to your eyelids. Relax the body, through your breaths, and be conscious of your incoming breath. Feel its temperature as it whisks past your nose hairs.

Breathe in through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Relax the jaw. Focus on the jaw can be relaxed even more. Empaths hold their anxiety in the jawbones.

Repeat this affirmation three times as you do so, and picture a clear aura free from contamination.

I Protect Myself Through The Knowledge Of Spiritual Wisdom
No other can take my energy away
I don’t allow others to determine my emotional mood
What others see as my weaknesses are my superpowers
The time for me to rise and shine is now

Relax, count down from 11 slowly, by recording each breath outwards. Relax, do this three times. 33 in total. At this moment float on a cloud high above the earth where an objective point of view can be found. If you wish to use a spirit animal to do this the hawk would be my choice.

Repeat this empathic mindfulness affirmation. A feeling of deep peace and relaxation will come over you. A sense of comfort and happiness flows over your body. Recharge, relax, gather your strength, and heal.

I find what others use against me.
And I find a spiritual way through wisdom,
for it to not hurt me nor affect me in any way.
The more this happens the more powerful I become.
The stronger warrior empath I am.

I claim my sacred space
I allow myself to grow into my power
I view everyone with love, acceptance, and compassion
I am safe with my power
My passion for living is constantly renewed
I nurture my joyful nature
My life is filled with new opportunities
I move on to greater glory and greater rewards

Time to sleep now, for your allotted time frame. Now rest, and communicate with your higher self while recharging through a short sleep. Repeat to yourself 11 times the amount of sleep you want to have. Say, I will wake in 15 minutes, after this short regenerative sleep.

Empathic people have a rare opportunity handed to them. The ability to understand life on a deep spiritual level. Accelerating personal and ascension growth. Finding peace with themselves and the universe. Which in turn affects all around them. This may take a series of lifetimes to learn otherwise. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott

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