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Willy Wagtail Spiritual Meaning

Willy Wagtail Spiritual Meaning and symbolism. The totem songbird
who is alerted by the full moon to ceremoniously sing to the lunar giant.

willy wagtail spiritual meaning

Willy Wagtail Spiritual Meaning

The willy wagtail (Rhipidura leucophrys) is a woodland songbird, a familiar sound in the Australian bush. Singing through the night especially on a full moon. Willy wagtail worships that bright lunar shine, he sings to celebrate her presence.

The songs of this nightingale are joyful, enticing inspiration and creativity. Willy wagtail reminds us to be cheerful, to proclaim our zest for life. A truly divine bird giving us the gift of healing through song and sound. Listening to the songs is an elysian experience, which transcends us into a meditative state.

Willy Wagtail Spirit Animal

Those who possess willy wagtail as their spirit animal are fearless warriors. Willing to take on anything to protect the family and his territory. Even the king kookaburra or Crow will cop a serving from willy if they come too close to his home. Willy wagtail often appears for fathers having a hard time adjusting to newfound fatherhood.

Willy Wagtail spirit animal people have a strong personality, with an unmatched determination. Making these people extremely hard workers, who focus on the long game to achieve their goals. Often knowing their craft and gifts at an early age. And carrying them through to success in business in their future.

The shadow side of willy wagtail spirit animal people is they often have to deal with rage. Anger presents itself as a learning tool for these people, something they need to get control over. Often this anger is a build-up of tension and stress from a past situation. Which has not been dealt with or healed.

Spiritual Meaning Of Seeing A Willy Wagtail

In my personal experiences with willy wagtail, he has been the messenger of good luck. Gifts from the universe seem to arrive at the very same time willy wagtail appears. He seems to follow you, seeing him wherever you travel.

Seeing willy wagtail augers a blessing, an omnipresent message from the great spirit that you are looked after. And karma is soon to shine in your favour, supplying your needs without to much effort on your part.

Willy Wagtail Messenger

Among some aboriginal tribes, the willy wagtail ( jitta jitta) is a bad omen, one of mischievousness and a sign of death. The Gunwinggu people of western Arnhem Land caution against the willie wagtail as a liar and a teller of tall tales.

Similar legends and myth are also attributed to the Curlew bird. In New Guinea, the willie wagtail has seen as a good omen a messenger of spirit. The sound of willy wagtail singing is a sign of good crops and a plentiful harvest. Copyright © Psychic Medium Ian Scott