Horse Spiritual Meaning

horse spirit animal totem
horse spirit animal totem

The horsema huang ) is one of the 12 celestial animals in the Asian 60-year calendar cycle, Viking mythology describes the horse of the Norse God Odin as an eight-legged gallant horse with the name, Sleipnir. Roman mythology describes the waves of the ocean as “Neptune’s horses”.

Horse Metaphysical Meaning

The Australian aboriginal word for horse is Yarraman. An animal totem of great honour amongst the clans. The horse is a Free Spirit, Endurance, Awakening, Independence, Inner Strength, Valor, Self Expression.

A Nomadic Journey, Confidence, Pegasus, Unicorn, Adventuresome, Nobility, Kindness, Elegance, Honor, Champion, Social and Sexual Creatures, Spiritual Power, Sensitivity, Divine Connectedness, Trust, Kinship, Magic Power, Psychic Energy, Sacred Lands, Masculine energy, Spiritual Warrior, Unconditional Love, Stamina, Connected to the Sun, Enchantment.

 Guardian Of The Sacred Lands

I am powerful, I am free and wild.
Companion on the spiritual journey,
to sacred lands of magic and plenty.
I am the spirit of Horse.

Horse Spiritual Meaning

Horse spirit animal brings positive friendships with true communication, compassion, and love.  A horse has strong psychic power with the ability to read humans’ intentions and thoughts. If you are practising witchcraft, Horse will see straight through you, revealing your secret.

Horse spirit animal augers our re-connection with the land, nature and all things natural. The cycle of life, death and rebirth. Mutual respect for others and a wise understanding of how we could all work together for the benefit of mankind. Sensuality and sexual self-expression.

Horse Spirit Animal

To awaken to life and all its lessons, to find a new direction and to explore parts of yourself that give you enjoyment. Horse demands movement, free spirit and the willingness to travel beyond your personal fears. Horse spirit people are normally physically strong with emotional maturity, and willing to help others freely.

Horse augers you to stretch out and take the reins of your life and direct yourself towards your dreams and desires. Horse disturbs the warrior within into action, speeding up spiritual energies, and empowering the soul to create and manifest. Horse spirit guide knows the secret ways and paths of magically propelling one into their own divine destiny.

White Horse Meaning

Some Native American Indian shamans utilized the spirit of the horse to enable them to astral travel to other spiritual realms. In Hindu traditions, the white horse is a sacred animal believed to be the final incarnation of the God Vishnu protector of creation. In the 22 major arcana of the traditional tarot cards, death is depicted riding a white horse. In early pagan roots, the horse or hobby horse is connected with fertility and the rituals of Beltane.

Brown Horse Spiritual Meaning

Horse medicine is powerful for those that wish to gain self-confidence, strength, and control, he will guide you to the most appropriate path to enhance these qualities. Perhaps you’re stuck in a rut and find it difficult to move forward, the spirit of the brown horse will aid in momentum and transition.

What do horses symbolize in dreams?

Dreaming of being with horses is a sign, he is asking you to study his message. Perhaps you need help with putting unconditional love into action in your life, the horse will help you build a strong bond with yourself and others.

Dreaming of being chased by a horse is a sign of fear. Ask yourself what are you running away from in your life right now. When you find your fear take steps to overcome it and solve the situation around you. © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott. 

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