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Bear Spiritual Meaning

Bear spiritual meaning and metaphysical influences of the
bear animal spirit guide or totem animal, find out if a bear is your totem animal.

bear spiritual meaning
Bear Animal Totem

Bears are the healers, Hidden Strength, Courage, Intuition, Teacher, Magic, Transcendence, Element Earth, Connected to the herb Mugwort, Regeneration, Family, Patience, Peace, Motherhood, Protection, Balance, Solar energy, and Lunar energy, Duality, Medicine, Meditation, Relaxation, Introspection, Fearless, Astral travel.

Bear Spiritual Meaning

Great spirit bear teaches us to know ourselves, to have a deep spiritual understanding of who we are, and what drives us. The bear and trees ( symbolic of knowledge and growth ) are great friends, their connection is a spiritual one, each nurturing the other. Bear spirit animal personality is a fearless attitude that can sometimes get him in trouble, forgetting to think and act with caution.

The bear spirit totem has strong connections with the dream time hibernating in winter is the bear returning to spirit for his own guidance and spiritual growth. During this time bears spirit has left his body and he astral travels throughout the cosmos learning and growing, bringing his knowledge of foresight back to earth.

Bear Spirit Guide / Totem Animal

Bear spirits are master herbalists smelling out plants that heal them, return to the soil, grow your own vegetables and herbs, heal yourself. Some of the plants that bear uses for healing have been given their names because bear uses them, such as bear root, bearberry, bear’s paw, bear tongue, bear clover.

The Sacred Healer

The teacher’s teacher
but I am to taught,
through the astral travels
I take in winter.

The healer’s healer
but I am healed too,
through the solace, I take from the sun.

Bear spirit people are natural healers with intuitive powers beyond the norm. Bear loves to meditate to bask in the sun and to cuddle the moon’s energy, return to spirit by the use of mediation.

Mythology from around the world

Celtic peoples believe that the earth’s mother is the Bear Goddess Artio, a fierce and revered protector. The ancient Druids connected the Pole Star constellation of the Great Spirit Bear, to the famous King Arthur, whose name means bear and the emblem is also that of the Bear. Native American Indians hold the bear with great respect believing the great spirit resides in the bear and that he is the keeper of dreams.

Is Bear Your totem animal

Bear appearing in your dreams augers you may have to pay a little more attention to those around you, get involved in fostering good friends and family. Receiving an ornament or picture as a gift of Bear is a wow sign, bear wishes you to study his medicine and incorporate it into your own life.

Having a natural affiliation or love of Bear is a strong symbol of the connection you may already have in bear. If you’re in need of stress relief and relaxation bear is the best one to ask for guidance on reaching your goals through meditation.   © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott.