Ghost Story Ouija Board And Murder

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Australian Ghost Story

This is a true story, with names changed to preserve privacy. As a teenager in Australia back in the nineteen-eighties, I considered myself normal. It was only until strange and incredible things started to happen around me, I thought otherwise. On this particular occasion, I was 13, on school holidays, riding bicycles in our quiet little neighbourhood with a friend.

A True Ghost Story Ouija Board

Jack and I always seemed to hang out all the holidays together staying at each other’s houses in turns. We would wait until one set of parents got annoyed with our antics, usually a few days, and venture off to the other one’s place until the same thing happened there.

We decided to ride our BMX bikes over to the dirt tracks not far from where Jack lived nearly every Saturday afternoon. It was a good time to go since the bike races were over, and we could have the entire track to ourselves. Making our way over the locked boom gate into the grounds, we noticed straight away that an old house suddenly had appeared a little way into the bush surrounding the tracks.

Curious, we had to investigate. As we got closer we could hear giggles and gasps from what sounded like other kids in the house. The house was old and not really safe to be in, it looked like it was just picked up and put here with no concern. A throwaway falling to pieces, a scary old house.

Skies darkened as the late afternoon sun started to make its retreat. Jack and I decided to call out and alert the kids in the house we were there,
“Hello, hello in there?” Immediately several high-pitched screams came from inside the house. A girl’s voice said
“Is that you Ian?”
“Molly” I replied. We knew Molly from school and she had Jenny as well as Ben with her too, who were also from our grade at school. Molly began to explain that they are having a séance with an Ouija board and we had frightened them when we called out.

Feeling uneasy but with a burning curiosity, we followed Molly inside the house. The first thing I noticed was that my skin began to crawl, tingling all over my body. Jenny seemed awfully jumpy as she told us the glass was moving around the letters by itself, and every time Ben placed his finger on the glass it spelled out ‘danger’. She then asked us to join in to see if there were any changes in the message.

Messages From Spirit

Jack and I decided to try even though we didn’t quite understand exactly what was happening. Joining Molly, Jenny, and Ben around the Ouija board, the five of us sat in a circle and placed our fingers on top of the glass.

I was the last one to place my finger on the upturned glass, and straight away the glass rushed across the Ouija board to the word YES. We were all so frightened and excited at the same time, we all said “Yes!” out loud. It was as though the spirits used that as energy because immediately after, the glass raced around the board spelling ‘danger Allan evil’.

At that moment a blue light appeared inside the glass and sparked, we all jumped removing our fingers from the glass. The glass then cracked and shattered right in front of us. It was mayhem. Everyone ran out of the house screaming, jumped on our bikes and rode home in record time.

Later that night I saw Jack looking sad. With a little probing around, he revealed his brother’s name is Allan and he has been getting into trouble at school lately. Since Jack’s parents had gone their separate ways, Allan stayed with his father and Jack stayed with his mother. Jack hardly saw his brother, only on the odd family meeting once every six months did he have a chance to see him. Allan had always been withdrawn and preferred his privacy.

Jack asked, “Do you think Allan is in danger, what should I do with this message?” I didn’t know what to say to him, the events of the day were so strange I wasn’t sure what to make of them. I just tried to comfort him, reassuring him it was all just a game and one of the other kids was just trying to scare us.

I decided not to tell Jack that I knew straight away the board’s message was about his brother. I heard a whisper in my ear as the glass cracked that said: “We are frightened for Allan.” At the same moment, I saw in my mind’s eye a picture of Harry, Jack’s uncle who had recently passed of a heart attack. I wasn’t sure what it all meant though or how I saw or heard what I did, so I kept it to myself.

Real Ghost Story It Ends In Murder

Fast forward five or so years and we never went back to that old house ever again and forgot about it after a little while. Moving on to other things, the old house was renovated by the people who had it put there and the bike tracks closed down to make way for apartment development.

This story and in particular this night is forever etched in my memory and coincidently a little awesome as it was Halloween night. Jack and I had never stopped hanging out, we decided to spend Halloween with Jack’s mum.

She seemed to like my company since she remarked from time to time that the house felt alive when we all had dinner together. Even though Halloween is not an Australian thing, the street Jack lived in celebrated Halloween and all the neighbours got involved every year.

Jack’s mum had made her infamous Halloween pumpkin soup which we all disliked, to be honest, but didn’t have the heart to tell her. We sat down altogether around the television having dinner planning to watch a scary movie or two when the news came on. “Breaking News, Southern Australian man rapes a 70-year-old lady, strangles her, and dumps her in a waste bin.” It continued,

“The man is in police custody after giving himself up minutes after the attack.” At that very moment, the phone rang. It was Terry, Jack’s father. He said that their oldest son had murdered his girlfriend. The phone fell to the floor and cold dark energy blanketed the house, it felt as if time and life had stood still for a few minutes.

Jack and his mother started screaming and crying, and feeling extremely uncomfortable, I left. For several days after, it was all that appeared on the news and in magazines, and it shocked the whole nation. I could not stop thinking of the day Jack and I stumbled in on a séance and the message we received, maybe if we understood it better at the time we could have prevented it.

Become a better brother and a friend to Allan, or even just be able to warn others of coming danger. Jack would occasionally receive drawings from the jail from his brother that were of demons and devils in great detail. Jack never liked to look at them and so he sealed them in a locked box and kept them in the garage, never to be open again. © by psychic medium Ian Scott.

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