Broom Spiritual Meaning

The Ogham meanings broom
Broom to make a clean sweep today Start fresh, clear space and open way

Broom Spiritual Meaning

Cleaning up. Space clearing, shamanic healing, astral travel. Restores harmony. Letting go, clearing the mind of clutter. Making a clean sweep. Broom spiritual meaning can be used as a heart tonic but with caution.

An overdose can be fatal and has narcotic qualities. Make an infusion of the flower tips and seeds. The roots stimulate urine production. The branches make a great broom for sweeping or to make a windbreak or hedge.

Astrology Birth: October 28th – November 24th
English: Broom
Celtic: NgEthal
Latin: Cytisus scoparius

Broom is the badge of the Scots clan of the Forbes. It was used at weddings; both to jump over at a hand-fasting and the flowers were tied with ribbons. It can also be used to sweep a magical circle for working. Some schools of thought with the Ogham have used these alternatives to Broom, well worth a look into.

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