Vine Spiritual Meaning

Vine spiritual meaning, soul regeneration, movement and continuation,
prosperous opportunity, communication and connection expansion fertility bounty.

Vine Spiritual Meaning 
Vine Spiritual Meaning

Vine Spiritual Meaning 

Regeneration, continuation, opportunity, connection expansion fertility bounty.  This particular species is one of the oldest grape vines originating from Turkey.  Vine is connected with prophecy and the relaxation of inhibitions – as tends to happen when we drink a brew of the fruit of the vine.  The surfacing of intuition. It is also symbolic of roaming widely and gathering.

The Druids also recognised the predominant growth formation of this vine as being in the shape of a spiral, which has long been considered a sacred symbol for the intertwining of the conscious and unconscious mind.

Ogham Letter M
Celtic: Muin. (muhm)
English: Muin.
Latin: Vitis vinifera (LINN) Rubus Fruticose
Astrology: Grape = Sun. /  Element Fire /
Birth: September 2nd – September 29th
Blackberry: Venus. / Element Water

Vines tend to dig in wherever they can in order to get a strong foothold and assure their own growth.  A great metaphor for life – but be aware that most vines can be a bit prickly. Thus it can also mean healing and protection as well as celebration and abundance.

Ogham Vine Healing Properties

They say that a glass of red wine can benefit the heart and circulation.  Also good for loosening inhibitions and opening the mind to intuition. Fruit of the vine helps to proclaim feelings more freely. Grapevine leaves were used to stop haemorrhages and bleeding.

The Blackberry fruit is rich in fibre, vitamin C and iron. Blackberry vine can be used to heal skin that has been scalded. Dip nine blackberry leaflets into spring water and lay them on the burn.  Call upon Brigid for healing of the wound.

Ogham Vine Legends and Folklore

The Vine spiritual meaning is associated with the Goddess Brigid – the Celtic goddess of healing and of poetry. Also associated with the Welsh moon Goddess Ceridwen – for inspirationMuin is associated with the Autumn Equinox.

It was considered bad luck to eat blackberries during this season because they were to “be left for the fairies”.  The decorative symbolism of grapes and vines is often seen around chalices and other ancient artefacts. © by Druid Priestess Jyoti Eagles 

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