Lion Spirit Animal Meaning

Lion totem animal
Lion totem animal

Lion Spiritual Meaning

The spiritual meanings of the animal totem lion. The lion is a friendly self-composed big beast power with a message of sagacity. Those who hold the animal totem lion are leaders, not followers free thinkers with a unique knowledge of earth magick and wisdom.

Spirit animal lion asks? have you a strong sense of personal power, if the answer is no lion wishes you to use him to help you achieve this. If the answer is yes Lion asks you to keep a regular check on your personal power making sure it does not turn into negative egotistical behaviour.

Connecting with the divine female energy within the lioness grants sisterhood and the rise to meet the goddess (Artemis). With the profound clarity and magic of the lioness, the feminine power is at its strongest with a lioness at the helm.

Lion Spirit Animal

With strength courage and astonishing spirit, the lion or lioness stands for exactly that. Those times in your life when you’ve had to call on inner strength and fortitude to accomplish a giant task. Lions are here for all to call upon as spirit totems. The astral form of the animal spirit the lion is something to behold entering your dreams and capturing your imagination.

Allowing the lion to enter your mind body and spirit will provide the indomitable spirit needed to rescue the self from the self. Anger frustration and ignorance are part of the lion as well.

But the lion recognizes this and attempts to find spiritual lessons within the anger and outbursts. This is a sign of an old soul learning to live with emotions and the restrictions of the mind by being extremely self-aware.

Symbolism Of A White Lion

The white lion stands for hope, healing, and justice. A heightened sense of awareness, telepathy, and psychic ability. The power of thought magick lies with the white lion, the keeper of dreams and secrets. Of pure heart and undeniable devotion, the white lion spirit animal is the total protector usually of an entire family.

What does it mean when you dream about a lion chasing you?

Being chased by a lion or lions in a dream is a sign of a lack of self-confidence, but also a sign telling you that you have the strength to complete a difficult task. Take a look at what is happening in your life at the time of the dream is there a challenge you may need Lions to help with?

Seeing a lion in a dream not attacking just looking at you symbolizes he is here for you as a spiritual guide and teacher. Dreaming of a lion or lions attacking you in a dream augers a negative rift within family or work colleagues. Play with caution and be aware, by having this dream you may be able to avoid it. © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott. 

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