Lava Stone Meaning

Lava Stone Spiritual Meaning
Lava Stone Spiritual Meaning

Basalt, which is also known as Lava Stone or Lava Rock is an igneous volcanic rock, created with intense heat, and solidified from molten lava. Once it has cooled, it becomes porous and its colour ranges from grey to black.

It is reputed as being one of the oldest and most frequently found stones in the world, and as such has been used by countless cultures throughout the ages for its healing properties.

Lava Stone Metaphysical Meaning

Lava Stone derives from the core of the earth, and as such is a grounding stone that strengthens one’s connection to Mother Earth. It is known as a stone of strength and courage as it is created from molten lava, which was once rock that was so hot it became liquid, and as such contains the powerful energy of the volcano that created them.

It has also been associated with the mythical bird the Phoenix, death, rebirth, and shedding unwanted layers of negative emotional attachment. Lava stone collects psychic energy as it passes by in the wind.

Acting similar in nature to hematite, visiting sacred sites and places of spiritual value adds to the stone’s collective energy imprint. As it absorbs all spiritual energy. In fact, it is attracted to it, allowing you to synchronize with it and follow its lead on your spiritual path. At the same time, lava stone repels negative energy and psychic attacks.

Lava Stone Meaning

Lava stone has grounding qualities. Wearing a lava stone necklace is ideal for calming emotions and dissipating anger and negativity from your life while at the same time increasing your energy, assertiveness, and protection. It also promotes positive changes where needed with behavioural issues. This can be of great spiritual benefit for those suffering from depression or other mental health illnesses.

Healing Properties

Lava Stone meaning healing is beautiful and strong, and its porous nature makes it perfect for aromatherapy diffusing. The essential oils are absorbed into the porous rock, and the scent then diffuses using the warmth of your skin. This, therefore, makes them the perfect talisman as they can be worn for their appearance as well as the healing properties contained in both the stone and essential oils.

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