Sleep Meditation And Music

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Guided meditation for sleep and relaxation

Guided meditation for deep sleep and relaxation. Enjoy this meditation music sleep for soothing soulful sounds blended with healing tones and vibrant rhythms. Recharge heal, uplift, and revitalize your mind body, and soul. Spiritual meditation music MP3.

Sleep Meditation Music (1 Hour)

Meditation music for sleep healing a guided sleep meditation. Clear your mind of all thoughts. Start this process early about an hour before you intend to go to bed. In preparation be sure your bed is clean and tidy and remove any interferences such as mobile phones or unnecessary lighting.

As you lie down, stretch your legs and point your feet and toes. Do the same with your arms pointing all five fingers. Take three deep breaths, inhale through the nose all the air you possibly can hold for 5 seconds. Exhale through the mouth slowly to a count of 5. Lay in a position that feels comfortable and start to relax. Feel your body sink into the mattress and your eyes become heavy and close.

Still, your mind, don’t think of anything other than how comfortable and ready for sleep you are. The secret to falling asleep is in the clearing of the mind. Thoughts bring energy into being.

And depending on what you’re thinking about determines the type of energy you bring in. Depressive thoughts lead to depression, happy thoughts lead to happiness, and so forth. Think only of relaxation peace and calmness. And only these things will come to you.

Allowing yourself rest and sleep is just as important. Have you given yourself permission to truly relax? Setting a time for sleep initializes the body to start slowing down. A good sleep routine will breed a healthy and more easily relaxed mind. A peaceful sleep you will have. © as channeled by psychic medium Ian Scott. 

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