Khambalia Fixed Star Meaning

Khambalia Fixed Star Meaning
Khambalia Fixed Star Meaning

The fixed star Khambalia (“Crooked Claw”) is situated 187 lights years from Earth. In the Virgo constellation at the foot of the maiden. This energy seeks to release all that is hidden and desired.

… and indeed this is the time to investigate circumstances normally hidden from view. Kabbalists, associated the Hebrew letter Gimel and the 3rd Tarot Trump “The Empress.” With Khambalia.

Fixed Star Khambalia Meaning

With the congruent energy of Mars and Mercury, the fixed star khambalia hides the mysteries of the universe. Powerful star energy when prominent in one’s astrology chart. The combined energy of Mars Mercury and khambalia shine a light on the secrets of dark places. Unveiling the covertness found in corruption and crime.

On a spiritual level, Khambalia exposes deeply buried emotions and traumas of the past. Allowing us to see them and feel them again, so as to finally heal those inner conflicts. A chance to grow spiritually with compassionate understanding. A period of depression may follow as you change from the inside out.

Metaphysically Khambalia has vigorous psychic energy and will start to open your third eye as soon as it appears in your chart. When the fixed star appears on a full moon the whole planet gets a burst of this energy. Harsh and honest bringing repercussions to those who hide sinister secrets. Cold case crimes are often solved when Khambalia is present.

On a new moon, Khambalia points the way to manifestation. The perfect cosmic time to align yourself with the things you’re wanting. Setting new goals and starting new projects come with a sense of success before they even start. An extra boost from the universe to help you with your magic spells© Psychic Medium Ian Scott.

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