Manifestation Techniques

Manifestation Techniques
Manifestation Techniques

Manifestation meaning. The art of manifesting your dreams and desires, the down, truthful and dirty version. Let’s start at the very beginning, the place where magic is found.

Manifestation Techniques

Inside the very heart through the mind and into the soul. The art of creation and manifestation is a skill and Magick is derived from the inner workings of the universe and the connection the soul has to the universe.

Please be reminded that the content of this article and most of the content on this entire website is knowledge from spirit through conversation and channelling. I (psychic medium Ian Scott) have had no formal training here on earth, I have gathered my skills and knowledge from the departed who have always been there to talk to me and recalled past life skills.

How To Manifest

Step one: To have things appear materially on the outside in front of us, we first must start on the inside of us. We must know what we are wanting, we must know who we are ( do you know who you are?). An untrained mind that is scattered and unsure still manifests, but the wrong things, bringing into existence the very things they do not want.

For example: if you’re depressed and feeling negative you are actually sending a signal to the universe to allow pain suffering and misery into your life. Because you opened the gateway with your instructions of sadness energy to the universe.

The universal life force energy responds and gives you what you are wanting which is pain sadness and emotional suffering. What we think is what we are, what we think comes to be.

Positive healthy manifestation techniques work exactly the same way, just flip all that is said above into positive magic. Go on, take a minute, reread the above paragraph and rephrase it as you read it to yourself.

Yes, this is training, would love to hear from you by leaving your rephrased paragraph below in the comment section. Build a strong healthy mind that believes in the power of positive magic.

Step two: To have a positive healthy strong manifestation that actually works we must be all of these things first before we attempt to conjure the universe’s power. Before a thought has the electrical power to trigger endorphins, serotonin, and excitement, that thought has to come from a healthy cell stock.

A weak unhealthy person will conjure weak and fading electrical energy in the brain not allowing for natural processes to take place. Build a healthy body through diet exercise and positive thinking. Conjure your happiness through the thoughts you have. Don’t underestimate the power of thought, everything that has ever existed started from a single thought.

If it’s money you’re wanting,
make sure your pockets are clean.

Step Three: Search for an unusual piece of paper, such as grained or textured or use Paperbark. Paperbark is especially powerful in spell making I have used it for over 20 years and understand its magic to send off energy to the universe. Write down three things you wish to manifest before the future comes to a close.

Using the power of three the magic of the trident the cosmic recipe for communication the setting for manifestation. Within the task of writing down our three manifestos, we have our first encounter with taking our thoughts from the ethereal to the material world. Follow the instructions within the article mentioned in the link above, in this paragraph whichever paper you choose to use.

Step Four: Let’s play a game. Find some strangers to talk to for a little while. Your task is to convince them that these things have already come to pass. Whatever your three manifestations are, people must believe you and your story that you have these things already or are the person now you want to be in the future.

This little game achieves a great deal. First, it sends signals to the universe that this is what you’re wanting. Second, it manifests a belief in yourself. Be what you wish to become.

Step Five: Now work towards those things do as much as you can to achieve the written manifestations in your life. Be obsessive, be outrageous in the determination to achieve your goals. Build a passion a soul-stirring heart-stoppable major cataclysmic obsessive-compulsive order within your very belly. Build a knowing inside of yourself that it is happening, happening now.

Continue and before you know it what you wrote down will be concrete in your life. Repeat the above paragraph say it allowed with conviction let it become a sermon, and yell it to the universe. Go on do it now. © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott. 

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