Nunki Fixed Star Meaning

Nunki Fixed Star Meaning
Nunki Fixed Star Meaning

The fixed star Nunki meaning (Star of the Sea) is situated in the vane of the arrow. The archer’s hand is in the constellation, Sagittarius (The Archer) and is approximately 228 light-years from Earth. Nunki star has congruent energy with the planets Jupiter and Mercury. A blue star with a magnitude of 2.1 and an orb of 2°10′.

Fixed Star Nunki Meaning

A fortunate star sitting at 12°23′ Capricorn. This ambitious blue dwarf star plays to win in all matters of business, state and foreign affairs and unorthodox religion. Nunki fixed star seeks success but this success comes at a price… an old philosophy, situation or attitude must first be destroyed.

Writers that influence nations are found under this fixed star. A special way of communicating through emotions makes Nunki star people potential empaths. The psychic ability of psychometry is ruled by this fixed star. To see through the water with direction and precision.

This is a skill that should be crafted as this protects one against enemies of the past and present. Being truthful to yourself is a Nunki trait that leads to spiritual growth and expansion of the mind.

Found in a natal chart. Nunki has an educated strongly faithful expectation to rise to the top. Sometimes this drive is so powerful it leads man to betray his familiars and act dishonestly. Although success will be found this way it has a limited lifespan. Best to stay on the smooth side of the road, treating everyone as you would like to be treated.

Appearing in an astrology chart on a full moon turns this star a strong positive. With powerful influences directed at success and accomplishment. The combined energy of the God and Goddess of the universe. The perfect time to release a new business or project out into the world for feedback. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott.

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