The Warrior Empath

Warrior Empath. Empathy And Ascension, the path of spiritual growth
and awakening. Empathy meaning, for the ascension of the planet.

empathy and ascension
The Warrior Empath – Psychic Medium Ian Scott

Warrior Empath

What is empathy? how do we find our empathic selves in a world full of psychopaths, without turning into one ourselves? A unique look at the empathic path, a guide to spiritual growth and ascension. Find the hidden messages and passages of wisdom, for your own spiritual journey.

Read between the lines and allow the words to speak to you. Finding empathy will release you from the pressures of the modern world. Empathy is but a stepping stone along the way to ascension.


Empathy towards all of earth’s majestical treasures is needed to reach a state of unconditional love. If we have love and honesty in our lives, empathy is sure to follow, creating the most powerful healing ever experienced. Empathy leads us to spiritual evolution. A moment in time where we can strive for and achieve a  higher understanding of the universe around us.


The most important persona to be honest with is yourself, We cannot be honest with others until this happens. Honest enough to question ourselves first, rather than outside influences. Bringing love and honesty into our life will enrich not only us. but everyone around us. Through the path of honesty, our journey will be filled with love and satisfaction. The insightful call of truth into your life. And the lives of all who witness it.

Lore Of Compassion

The understanding of compassion is not enough. We must learn to practice compassion. Warm compassionate vibrations lead us to want to rid ourselves of negativity. Compassion is also a part of the collective. The more of us that have it. the more it spreads. Looking into your heart through the eyes of compassion will clear giant obstacles.


The reason why we are all here. The strongest force in the universe. Where there is love, there are lessons, promoting continual growth. To find love in the things we don’t like or that upset us brings unconditional love. Through love and trust, we find honesty.


Trust is born through love and honesty, acting as the gateway to a unified understanding. Without self-trust, we do not recognize trust when it presents itself. Friendships, partnerships, marriage, children and business all require the element of trust. It is the building block of love and successful relationships. A risk or gamble is not so when we have trust at the helm of our dealings.


Imagine a brilliant glowing soft yellow light emanating from your heart. Bursting out of your body creates an aura all around you. In the distance of all problems down the long dark tunnel glimmers for eternity, the light. The answers on low to reach the light are always within. Spiritually striving not to throw anyone out of your heart. A new perception of reality surrounds you. Allowing even more love into your life.


Beauty is the very planet we live on. Every heartbeat and every breath reminds us of a truly miraculous experience. Radiating a glow from the inside that bursts outwards and touches others is found in us all. Having the qualities of compassion, empathy and love in our hearts, makes this happen. Seek out the people in your life that exude this kind of beauty and expel those that do not.


Belief is the power behind all things successful. Without it, nothing is achieved or created. What stops most people from manifesting in their lives is the belief they cannot. We cannot see the hidden world of spirit nor the enchantment of magic in our life without first believing. Ask do you believe in yourself and the adventures you are about to embark upon.


Any action taken with the intent of love behind it ignites the energy of honour within the aura. It is felt by all involved. Living and loving all together is our mission here on earth. Our planets honour can be found through acceptance and a willingness to grow spiritually.


True loyalty cannot exist without unconditional love. Loyalty is a choice, It is not something that can be forced upon us. Free will allows us to follow any path we choose. By loving and endearing our choices, we create loyalty. Forced loyalty leads to hatred, anger and destruction. Ask yourself if you are putting your loyalties in the right places.


Core strength is a warriors determination and skill unequalled. We all have a reservoir of this energy to draw upon. To allow change to occur sometimes we have to fight for what we believe in. To stand firm and strong with the mind of a craftsman.


Power is often expressed as an explosion of energy is consuming. The strongest form of power is soft, subtle, engaging and is accompanied by honesty. This soft subtle power wielded by the sword leads us to calmness, peace and progression into a phase of love and honesty.


The archer asks. Do you have something to aim for if so shoot straight and true? If you are being shot at, have you a shield? Preparation and foresight are the foundation for reaching any kind of success. Knowing your target allows you to take steps toward goals you’re wanting to accomplish.


Further reading 666 meaning, the earth is called “psychopathica” by others in the universe, have a read it helps connect the dots. Many blessings on your empathic path. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott

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