What Is Spiritual Sickness

spiritual sickness
Understanding Spiritual Sickness

The Spiritual Root Of Diseases

What is spiritual sickness? Along with medical conditions, ills aches and pains and so forth. There are other things spiritually which make us physically ill. Dealing with mental stress or not dealing with it is the number one cause of health issues and overall general illness. Think about that for a minute, once a healthy body. Expose it to severe mental stress and the bodies immune system breaks down and you become a hair-trigger for health problems.

To live a balanced healthy spiritual life we must not stop moving nor going forward nor learning new things. And of course, staying open-minded. If there is excessive stress in our lives because we have made it that way. Our lives don’t just happen before us.

We make thousands of decisions every day, when will I brush my teeth to will I move house. So stress in your life is because you put it there. If you find yourself in this position a rearrangement of one’s life is needed to de-stress the situation.

Is It A Spiritual Sickness You’re Going Through?

The other way spiritual sickness enters is if we know what we have to do but can’t seem to do it. For example, if we are in a relationship that is destructive and the love has gone. Staying in this relationship will destroy our mental health and eventually start to destroy our physical body.

We all have a spiritual centre and we all at times connect with it. Sometimes the emotions take us there, sometimes it is severe stress or a life-threatening situation. Either way, there are times in our lives when we know what we must do to either correct our lives or make them better. So spiritual sickness comes from when we don’t act on our very own spiritual centre and intuition.

Even though happiness is a state of mind it is impossible to be happy if you have put yourself in a situation your unhappy with. First, you must go about making your life the way you would like. Bring in what is needed and discard what is not. Second, do the things you know you should be doing. Take your own advice and don’t just listen to the signs act on them.

Signs Of Being Spiritually Sick

Sweating fever
Dizziness vertigo
Severe tiredness

Even something as simple as a full moon can create a spiritual sickness. A full moon shines its energy down upon us every month. Through the light of the moon, another energy that is reflected off the moon enters our aura space.

From the planets around the earth and moon such as mars and venus. All these energies cannot be compatible with everyone all the time. And when they’re not a spiritual sickness may settle in until the full moon passes.

A Spiritual Sickness Ascension

As our physical body grows year by year so too does the soul grow lifetime by lifetime. And within one lifetime it is possible to ascend and grow spiritually. Those of us who have chosen this path will experience a spiritual sickness each time they ascend their soul. This is because the physical body changes along with it altering its DNA to match our soul growth. This is usually brief and not overwhelming. But the same symptoms of regular spiritual sickness arise.

In Conclusion: If spiritual sickness is diagnosed take action move forward by making a change and do it as soon as you notice. Delaying will only bring you closer to the inevitable which is a sickness. Once at this stage medicines and herbs will only be giving relief to the symptoms.  © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott. 

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