Protection Meditation Deflection Sphere

Protection Meditation Deflection Sphere
Protection Meditation Deflection Sphere

Protection Meditation

Working with spirit all my life and over half of it reading for people, I started to come across clients who’d ask me to visit their house to see if a troublesome spirit is present, as they feel uneasy in their own home. Other strange requests would and still do come in, such as do you think my son or daughter is possessed he or she is behaving badly.

Although most of these turn out to have a logical explanation, such as mental illness, extreme emotional disturbance due to a life circumstance or other real-life factors. I have to admit, I have seen some things with my naked eye which I feel if told to people, could make them question my sanity.

The fact is there are dark spirits among us those who have passed over and are still bitter and angry. Living angry bitter ones as well, if we are spending time with a negative angry person it won’t take long before those emotions are passed onto us. It is hard to avoid especially if you happen to live with the person.

With both or all parties concerned now in an emotionally angry bitter mood the negative energy is in flames, for now, it has something to feed on. If this hostile environment is long-lasting, all people involved open themselves to negative spirits ( the lower entities ) and severe emotional stress as well.

Now every energy we create such as in this hostile environment is not permanent, we have the ability to flip it on its head and reverse the energy flow to one of positivity, light, and love. Once this is accomplished we automatically surround ourselves with a barrier of protection because where there is an intense amount of light darkness cannot reside.

Creating joy, laughter, and love in all moments of our lives is the ultimate protection we are able to muster. It’s easy to see violence, hate, destruction, and evil, but it is a choice, we are able to see all the good in the world if we only open our eyes to it instead of negativity. If you live like an angel with loving thoughts, it’s angels that you’ll see, if you live as a demon with evil thoughts, it’s demons that you’ll see.


The intention behind this aura protection meditation is to add an extra barrier, a psychic one if you like, just in case, as we all do sometimes fall off our joy wagon into the nasty hole of doom and gloom. Enabling protection on a permanent basis, closing that doorway to others when we are not able to.

Close your eyes, and breathe in through the nose as you do so feel the breeze of your inward breath on your upper lip, and exhale through the mouth pushing out all the air you possibly can. Each breath in is a count of one, in sets of seven breaths, count to forty-nine, this process calms the mind, adds focus, and helps you let go of the day’s worries.

Imagine with your mind’s eye your aura, a glowing sphere-shaped see-through ball of colour, it is filled with your distinct soul map it is precious to you, and your aura allows you to feel from the soul outward metaphysical energy.

Now imagine an impenetrable sphere surrounding your aura, you can see out of the sphere, but others cannot see in. The aura is in no way restricted, the sphere is an outer layer of protection that only comes into effect if someone or something tries to intrude on your aura space.

The sphere deflects negative energy and sends it back to where it came from, the sphere protects and guards against intrusion from others, living or dead. Imagine this by testing your sphere, in your mind’s eye throw a tree at it, and watch it deflect with no harm to you.

The outer wall of your sphere protects against telepathy, you can hear others and they may hear you, but if the telepathy has negative harmful notes the sphere deflects them.

Spend seven minutes building and improving your protection sphere, use your imagination and creativity to build your own personal sphere of protection, using the framework provided here.

Permanent Aura Protection Meditation requires that each time you wake in the morning, before you rise out of bed, seven minutes at a time for seven days consecutively repeat this protection meditation.

Once the seven days of building and constructing your deflection sphere come to a completion, repeat once a week for seven weeks, after this time has passed your protection sphere will be complete. It will continue working for the rest of your life. © by psychic medium Ian Scott

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